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Primex is the cross-chain prime brokerage liquidity protocol for cross-DEX margin trading with trader scoring mechanisms.

By offering a platform to increase liquidity in blockchain-based markets and enabling cross-DEX trading, Primex will fundamentally change how decentralized markets operate.

Primex Finance Launches Ambassador Program

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Project industryFinance Services & Banking
Product typeDeFi

What is Primex Finance

Primex is a prime brokerage liquidity protocol that provides margin trading available across DEXs. Lenders provide liquidity to pools and traders are scored before they can access funds, while traders can access leverage and open positions on one DEX and close on another. 

Primex allows traders to work in a cross-DEX environment, with the aim to open up trading across platforms and increase profits. In turn, lenders can increase their yields with interest generated through trading profit shares and margin fees. 

Risk is managed through risk buckets - lenders can place their funds in one or many risk buckets. These are subsets of liquidity pools that allow lenders to be confident in the risks they take. Buckets and traders are scored by notaries who are, in turn, rewarded for their work through tokens.


Raised: 5,700,000 USD


Registration country: Estonia
Registration year: 2021
Office address: Vesivärava tn 50-201, Tallinn, Estonia, 10152, EE

Token info

Ticker: PMX

Primex Finance Roadmap

Primex V1 — Phase 1
  • Isolated-margin trading
  • Cross-dex trading - open on one DEX and close on another
  • Liquidation keepers
  • Integration with oracles to get relevant prices
Primex V1 — Phase 2
  • Multiple DEXes supported (DEX-agnostic trading)
  • PMX as rewards for early lenders (lockdrop)
  • Several predefined credit buckets with mathematically proved risk parameters
  • Community voting for development proposals
  • Deployment on Ethereum mainnet, Ethereum L2 and Moonbeam
Primex V2
  • Cross-margin trading
  • Custom credit buckets by community-nominated bucket notaries
  • AI trader scoring and efficiency notaries are introduced
  • Buckets with trading conditions depending on trader score
  • Cross-chain trading support
  • Traders can modify existing deals
  • Lenders can now choose groups of buckets to support
  • Improved governance (multiple staking possibilities)
Future features
  • Under-deposited positions (for experienced traders price fluctuations can now exceed the initial margin)
  • Fixed interest rate opportunity for lenders
  • Fees optimization for counter positions
  • Under-collateralized lending
  • Risk prediction for Lenders

Project team

Vlad Kostanda
Vlad Kostanda
Co-founder, CEO
Vlad Kostanda linkedin
Dmitry Tolok
Dmitry Tolok
Co-Founder, VP of Growth
Alex Marukhnenko
Alex Marukhnenko
Anton Demenko
Anton Demenko
Product Manager
Anton Demenko linkedin
Tetiana Chumachenko
Tetiana Chumachenko
Tetiana Chumachenko linkedin
Juliia Marchuk
Juliia Marchuk
Blockchain Researcher
Juliia Marchuk linkedin
Alexander Samandas
Alexander Samandas
Product Manager
Alexander Samandas linkedin
Dmytro Kyparenko
Dmytro Kyparenko
Full-stack developer
Aleksandr Grankin
Aleksandr Grankin
Head of Talent Acquisition
Aleksandr Grankin linkedin
Yana Danylchenko
Yana Danylchenko
Talent Acquisition
Yana Danylchenko linkedin
Ilya Chitov
Ilya Chitov
HR Manager
Ilya Chitov linkedin

Social media

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