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RewardMob is a mobile eSports loyalty platform utilizing the speed and security of the Waves Blockchain.

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Project industryGaming & VR
Product typePlatform
FoundedCanada, 2015
WhitepaperRewardMob White Paper Open

What is RewardMob

RewardMob has built a tournament based reward platform that can turn mobile games into competitive eSports.

The RMOB token is an incentive based token that is the central currency of the platform. It will be the fuel that runs the company's competitive mobile gaming landscape and the Pay-to-Play multiplayer tournaments.

RewardMob presents Game Developers with a new way to acquire players. When new games are added to the community, the active users from these games are given an option to create an account with RewardMob so that they can earn rewards and compete in tournaments.

The RewardMob platform has eight separate components: SDK, Authentication, RewardMob App, Tournament Management, Waves Wallet and Waves node.

RewardMob also intends to develop an advertising platform.


Public sales: Mar 13, 2018 - Mar 27, 2018
Token supply: 1092000000


Registration country: Canada
Registration year: 2015
Office address: Kelowna, BC - British Columbia

Token info

Ticker: RMOB
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: ERC-20
Token price in USD: 1 Token = 0.100000 USD
Accepted currencies: USD, ETH, BTC
Bonus program:
First 5,000,000 Tickets purchased: $1 Each = 50 Bonus Tokens
Next 5,000,000 Tickets purchased; $1 Each = 32 Bonus Tokens
Next 5,000,000 Tickets purchased: $1 Each = 23 Bonus Tokens
Next 5,000,000 Tickets purchased: $1 Each = 15 Bonus Tokens
Token distribution:
36.4% - Game Pool
33.6% - Loyalty Bonus Pool
10% - Growth Reserve Tokens
20% - RewardMob Company

RewardMob Roadmap

April 2017

RewardMob launched closed beta tournaments

August 2017

RewardMob launched open beta tournaments giving away cash and prizes

September 2017

RMOB token created on Waves blockchain

December 2017

Token integration is completed and token model will be active

February 2018

Tournament ticket sale. Full launch of free-to-play worldwide.

Q2 2018

Launch pay to play

Project team

Todd Koch
Todd Koch
Co-founder & CEO
Todd Koch linkedin
Colin Bracey
Colin Bracey
Co-founder & CTO
Colin Bracey linkedin
Travis Kraft
Travis Kraft
Travis Kraft linkedin
Mark Walker
Mark Walker
Director of Gaming
Mark Walker linkedin
Alex Saunders
Alex Saunders
Software Developer
Alex Saunders linkedin
Tanner Steele
Tanner Steele
Software Developer
Tanner Steele linkedin
Thomas Newman
Thomas Newman
Director of Gaming, Europe
Thomas Newman linkedin
Andrei Gardea
Andrei Gardea
Development Operations
Andrei Gardea linkedin


Marc Jansen
Marc Jansen
Blockchain AdvisoR
Bryan Pellegrino
Bryan Pellegrino
Co-Founder OpenToken, former CEO BuzzDraft Advisor SCIENCE, Shipchain, Fogcoi
Bryan Pellegrino linkedin
Simon Cocking
Simon Cocking
Cryptocurrency & Blockchain AdvisoR
Jeff Donnelly
Jeff Donnelly
Marketing AdvisoR
Tina Fotherby (Beaver)
Tina Fotherby (Beaver)
Tina Fotherby (Beaver) linkedin

Social media

RewardMob web-siteRewardMob TelegramRewardMob BTCTalkRewardMob TwitterRewardMob FacebookRewardMob Slack

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