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Rilstat is a platform for the future of Real Estate that will be built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. Rilstat will have multiple sources of income depending on the number of departments opened. The Rilstat tokens (GREIT – Global Real-Estate Investment Token) are designed to be used on the Rilstat web platform located at for club deals and exclusive discounts on rental fees, ownership fees and any related real estate products and services that will be available. GREIT tokens are built according to the ERC20 token standard on the Ethereum blockchain.

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Project industryReal Estate
Product typePlatform
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What is Rilstat

The problem:

In the occupier’s view, the past and actual real estate market is structurally considered as unsatisfactory for multiple reasons.

Occupiers and owners are constrained to live always farther from their workplace or any place of interest to them. This geographical or temporal remoteness is exacerbated by the lack of proper transportation services inducing additional substantial costs.

Air conditioning and heating in actual accommodations represent 1% each year of the construction value in expenses due to improper thermal control even for housing that meet the most recent standards.

The shortage of housing on the real estate market in most countries imposes cohabitation or co-renting for occupiers cost reduction purposes.

The cost to meet every new regulation constrained on the real estate sector on new constructions or renovation is estimated to cost 2% of construction value annually. These costs have been on a steady increase over the last 15 years.

On a sanitary stand point air renewal in traditionally conducted by heating it and expel tainted gas upwards. Furthermore fire hazard in not properly addressed in private housing compared to commercial and industrial buildings.

Global property cost is an impediment to home ownership and is one aspect of the rise in price of renting. Actual construction methods aren’t innovative. While housing construction is simpler than engineering an automobile they cost approximately 10 times more. These outdated methods affect building time, generally significant because of high proportion of manual labor involved. The real estate market also relies on multiple intermediaries increasing overall cost of accommodation.

Building materials bearing similar costs around the globe, the overall cost of ownership can be up to 10 fold from one country to another.

Numerous people aren’t satisfied by the actual occupation and ownership model our society offers. Ownership and right of use of property as conceived as of today don’t fit the changing needs of the majority. Furthermore long acquisition cycles have become an obstacle to mobility.

Our solutions:

On the land dealing aspect, our experience provides us with highly accurate data unavailable to the public market, thus increasing substantially our room for manoeuvre in the unforgiving market that is real estate.

We aim to provide participants, clients, buyers and sellers with a different ownership model, based of right of use including every single expense accounting for the said property instead of traditionnal property rights with ever changing fees.

On the construction aspect, our approach consists of building renovation, redevelopment of retail areas, construction of individual and small joint housing in high potential areas to addresse the above exposed problems. At equivalent cost our solution will double the provided habitable surface.

For newly built constructions we will be able to significantly lower the risks of deterioration due to land subsidence thanks to compliance with the most drastic standards.

Our patented solutions for industrialization of contruction work will diminish construction times and maintenance, thus reducing significantly building and maintenance costs.

Our solutions lets us double the floor space of housing at no additional cost. The low acquisition cost also lets us offer housing with high rental profitability while also offering a right of use or property rights in high quality building stocks.

These different approches and solutions let us adress any needs, aspirations or wishes for the new generations to come.

Why us ?

The majority of projects launching right now or in the near future have one common aspect: The teams are composed of great IT profiles. While for an IT company this is a good point, the real estate sector is uncanny for the callow and needs experience in order to be able to manage funds and generate profit on the long haul. Competitors thus choose to build IT teams supported by local real estate agents.

We chose to think the other way around. Our team is composed of real estate highly experienced professionals supported by IT staff to suit their needs. Our 80+ combined years in effective real estate management distinguishes us from all the competition.


The Rilstat tokens (GREIT - Global Real-Estate Investment Token) are designed to be used on the Rilstat web platform located at for club deals and exclusive discounts on rental fees, ownership fees and any related real estate products and services that will be available.

GREIT tokens are built according to the ERC20 token standard on the Ethereum blockchain. The use of a legitimated and powerful blockchain to support our projects’ token instead of a blockchain of our own will ease development costs and simple integration into exchanges and wallets.

Using the Rilstat web platform is intended to be user friendly and simple. User registration for the Pre-ICO and ICO will only require the strict necessary information needed for our funding activities.

However after the ICO KYC procedure will be mandatory to spend or stake possessed tokens on the Rilstat web platform.


Pre-sales: Nov 19, 2018 - Jan 03, 2019
Public sales: Jan 03, 2019 - Feb 21, 2019
Token supply: 500,000,000 GREIT
Hard cap: 100,000,000 USD

Token info

Ticker: GREIT
Type: Utility-token
Token price in USD: 1 GREIT = 0.2 USD
Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, DASH, XRP
Bonus program:
Pre-ICO: 20%
ICO First-second week: 15%
Third-forth week: 10%
Thift-sixth week: 5%
Until ICO end: 0%
Token distribution:
82% Distributed to Community via Pre-ICO and ICO
10% PR, Marketing and Legal
3% Ref. Campaign
3% «Bounty» campaign
2% Advisors & Founders

Rilstat Roadmap

Q4 - 2017

Idea study and proofing
Development of the concept and business plan.

Q2 - 2018

Core team completion
Recruitment of core team members to start web platform and ICO development.

Q3 - 2018

Rilstat in Malta
Registration of the company in Malta. Registration number C-88289 - 13.9.2018

Q3 - 2018

Fundraising in the form of seed-funding and crowdfunding.

Q3 - 2018

Preparation for ICO
Preparation for Pre-ICO and ICO. Development of a smart contract for GREIT token release. Continue the development of the platform.

Q4 - 2018

Start of the Pre-ICO and ICO funding. API development and testing. New GREIT applications development. GREIT tokens listing negotiations on crypto-currency exchanges. Start of the marketing campaign to attract end-users.

Q4 - 2018

Additionnal staff hire
Additional staff hire to complet core team with needed profils (Real Estate for development in future countries and IT for related developments).

Q1 - 2019

Blockchain and IT developments
Development of web platform, full integration with Ethereum Blockchain. Web and mobile apps for full disclosure of Rilstat activities.

Q2 - 2019

Development in American continent
Expansion of Real Estate activities in the American Continent.

Q2 - 2019

Launch HP2C in Portugal
Launch of our construction segment in Portugal, with the first factory.

Q4 - 2019

Worldwide development
Worldwide expansion of Real Estate activities.

Project team

Jérôme Philippe ANTOINE
Jérôme Philippe ANTOINE
Real Estate Expert - CEO
Jérôme Philippe ANTOINE linkedin
Vincent MOROUX
Vincent MOROUX
Blockchain Enthusiast - CTO
Vincent MOROUX linkedin
Wealth management expert - North America sourcing
Axel MASSON linkedin
Frédéric LAIR
Frédéric LAIR
Maghreb and Eurasia sourcing

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