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SGAT is a user-friendly, scalable and secure environment, offering decentralized storage and data certification tools, as well as tailor-made smart-contract services.

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Project industryBig Data & Data Storage
Product typePlatform
WhitepaperSGAT White Paper Open

What is SGAT

SGAT is an IT consulting and development firm providing solutions based on blockchain technologies and smart-contracts. SGAT solutions and services provide: decentralized storage of information (data/transactions), private and/or public, in an open and/or closed environment; certification of these information: ensuring its inviolability and immutability; automation of interactions between parties while maintaining the private and confidential nature of business/contractual relationships; access to tailor-made solutions: from the development, implementation/integration and maintenance of private or public blockchains, as well as of architectures and consensus protocols meeting specific needs, in a private or restricted and modular environment, between one or more parties. SGAT is therefore an ecosystem that provides ergonomic, intuitive and scalable smart-contracts tools, integrated into blockchain technology, also accessible and usable through APIs.


Public sales: Nov 08, 2018 - Dec 30, 2018
Token supply: 6,006,000
Soft cap: 1,345,500 USD
Hard cap: 7,605,000 USD
Raised: 344,100 USD


Registration country: United Kingdom

Token info

Ticker: SGAT
Type: Utility-token
Token price in USD: 1 SGAT = 1.17 USD
Accepted currencies: ETH, BTC
Bonus program:
Private Sale - 30%
Pre-Sale - 15%
Token distribution:
65% - Token Sale
3% - Marketing & community support : 3 %
3% - Advisors : 3 %
4% - Ambassadors
2% - Legal
6.5% - Cash reserve
6% - Team
6.5% - Founders
4% - Shareholders
Funds allocation:
12% - Office & Management
35% - Software Development
5% - Cash Reserve
10% - Marketing & Communication
3% - Legal

SGAT Roadmap

Q1 2018

Team consolidation and finalization of objectives
ICO website development v1
Publication of the detailed whitepaper v1
Test works on SGAT blockchain tesnet : mining, storage and transfers


Launch of the 1st layer, SGAT blockchain, on 25 May 2018. Private environment in the scope of the ICO
Private pre-sales opening
Feasibility studies on blockchain and smart-contracts technologies to opt for building the remaining layers
Start of the development of the second layer infrastructure to build the web application

JULY 2018

Public pre-sale opening
Launch of the 2nd layer, beta test of the SGAT web application which includes SGAT's Blockchain Explorer
Final decision on the chosen technology for the development of the third layer


Start of the technical development of SGAT ecosystem
Optimization and securitization of technical infrastructures in order to guarantee SGAT ecosystem’s performance and continuity (servers and sub-servers, calculation platforms, etc…)
Technicity studies on Hyperledger Fabric and test works : commissioning, settings and compatibility with SGAT blockchain and web application


Start of the graphic development of SGAT ecosystem
Development of SGAT's video presentation
Start of the development of the MVP/POC SGAT 1.0. Relies on the three layers : SGAT web application, SGAT blockchain and SGAT hyperledger
Fixes and patches on SGAT web application and synchronization with ICO technical infrastructure & database


Release of Alpha version of SGAT MVP
Release of SGAT video presentation
Launch of SGAT Roadshow Campaign aiming potential ICO participants and commercial partners
Stabilization phase of the MVP


Launch of Beta version of SGAT MVP
Launch of SGAT Airdrop Campaign
Launch of SGAT ICO

DECEMBER 2018 / EARLY 2019

End of SGAT ICO (end of December at the latest)
Token distribution to ICO and pre-sales participants on SGAT platform
Release of SGAT hardware wallet application allowing withdrawal of SGAT tokens from the platform
Expected first listings on exchanges
Official launch of SGAT web application

Q1-Q2 2019

Exchanges listing expansion phase
Finalization of the commercial tenders for the location of the SGAT Point in Paris
Set up of a sales team and force for canvassing prospects in order to implement SGAT solutions
Inauguration of SGAT boutique
Further development of partnerships

Project team

Sébastien Pussiau
Sébastien Pussiau
CEO – Co-Founder32 age
Sébastien Pussiau linkedin
Thomas Paillet
Thomas Paillet
COO – Co-Founder
Thomas Paillet linkedin
Antoine La
Antoine La
CTO – Co-Founder
Antoine La linkedin
Christophe Fraysse
Christophe Fraysse
Lead Developer
Christophe Fraysse linkedin
Stephane Hurpe
Stephane Hurpe
Operations Director – Co-Founder
Stephane Hurpe linkedin
Aina Randriamalala
Aina Randriamalala
Marketing & Public Relations Director – Co-Founder
Aina Randriamalala linkedin
Philippe Bonan
Philippe Bonan
Artistic & Creative Director – Co-Founder
Philippe Bonan linkedin
Baptiste Husson
Baptiste Husson
ICO Strategist
Baptiste Husson linkedin
Nathalie Maro
Nathalie Maro
Community Manager
Nathalie Maro linkedin
Sofiane Zahouani
Sofiane Zahouani
Acquisition Manager
Sofiane Zahouani linkedin
Kevin Stoian
Kevin Stoian
Frederic Jonchet
Frederic Jonchet
Media Director
Frederic Jonchet linkedin


Alexandre Orfevre
Alexandre Orfevre
Community Growth Advisor
Alexandre Orfevre linkedin
Giovanni Casagrande
Giovanni Casagrande
ICO Advisor
Giovanni Casagrande linkedin
Bertrand Husson
Bertrand Husson
Business & Development
Bertrand Husson linkedin
Jennifer Jean
Jennifer Jean
Public Relations Manager
Jennifer Jean linkedin
Audrey Rouach Baverel
Audrey Rouach Baverel
Tax & Finance
Audrey Rouach Baverel linkedin

Social media

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