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Shirtum is a global marketplace of digital assets, for Players to share their stories with fans and invite them to join in collecting digital sports memorabilia directly from their idols.

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Project industrySports & Fitness
Product typeMarketplace

What is Shirtum

Players exhibit, in their digital museums shirts, trophies and special keepsakes that have shaped their careers and successes, recounting the story behind each unique moment in video.

Fans collect and trade limited edition tokens linked to each item of memorabilia in personalized fanuser galleries.

Technology enhances the collecting experience - dynamic user interface; versatile API designed to facilitate transactions and integrate across platforms; anchored in Blockchain technology ensuring authenticity, traceability and immutability of the collections.

Shirtum generates a direct connection among Players and billions of Fans, while taking the experience of collecting to a new dimension.


Public sales: Jun 07, 2021 - Jun 25, 2021
Token supply: 1,000,000,000 SHI
Total tokens for sale: 412,000,000 SHI
Soft cap: 1,000,000 EUR
Hard cap: 5,000,000 EUR
Raised: 2,750,000 USD


Blockchain Platform: Binance Smart Chain
Registration country: Spain
Registration year: 2020
Office address: Carrer de Gracia, 87 6 2 - 08008 Barcelona

Token info

Ticker: SHI
Token standard: BEP 20
Token price in EUR: 1 SHI = 0.036 EUR
Token distribution:
Pre-Sale - 10%
ICO - 13,8%
Founding players - 12%
Advisors - 3%
Treasury - 12%
Seed Round - 2%
Pre-Sale №2 - 12%
Liquidity pool - 3,4%
Burning pool - 10%
Team - 12%
Marketing - 10%

Offices on the map

Shirtum Roadmap

Q1 2021

Formulation of the DAO concept. First version of the Whitepaper. Formation of the initial project team.

Q2 2021

Launch of the MVP. Announcements in media platforms. Release the Whitepaper and the website. Private sale launched. Listed on PancakeSwap

Q3 2021

Final version of the APP on IOS and Android (July-August). Web Launch. Launching of the first NFTs of the first 11 Players. Listed on the exchanges

Q4 2021

Launching of the following 11 players. Gamification. Affiliation System. APP for Smart TV. New Sports

Project team

David Rozencwaig
David Rozencwaig
David Rozencwaig linkedin
Marc Torras
Marc Torras
Marc Torras linkedin
José Luis Sánchez
José Luis Sánchez
José Luis Sánchez linkedin
Juanjo Chust
Juanjo Chust
Juanjo Chust linkedin
Manuel Morillas
Manuel Morillas
Sales Director
Manuel Morillas linkedin
Juan Curci
Juan Curci
Content Director
Juan Curci linkedin
Cristina Carrascosa
Cristina Carrascosa
Cristina Carrascosa linkedin


Gabriel Tolchinsky
Gabriel Tolchinsky
Ex-CEO of Bladex
Gabriel Tolchinsky linkedin
Diego Arroyo
Diego Arroyo
Forbes 30 under 30 Europe
Diego Arroyo linkedin
Mario Covo
Mario Covo
Danamar LCC
Mario Covo linkedin
Leo Scheinkman
Leo Scheinkman
Triumph Sports Marketing
Leo Scheinkman linkedin
Luis Gosálbez
Luis Gosálbez
Luis Gosálbez linkedin
Marina Foncuberta
Marina Foncuberta
Marina Foncuberta linkedin

Social media

Shirtum web-siteShirtum MediumShirtum TelegramShirtum InstagramShirtum Twitter

User rating:

5/5 ( 1 )

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