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Siphon Lab is on a mission to build the Siphon Universe on the Sui network. Siphon Universe includes the Siphon ecosystem, which consists of Tradeify (A derivative exchange), Liquidify (a liquid staking protocol), and many other innovative products that will be revealed in the future.

Seed Round: $1.2 Million

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Project industryBlockchain Infrastructure / Sui Ecosystem
Product typeOrganization
WhitepaperSiphon Lab White Paper Open

What is Siphon Lab

The Siphon Universe is being constructed on the Sui network by Siphon Lab. The Siphon ecosystem, which comprises Tradeify, Liquidify, and numerous other cutting-edge products that will soon be released, is a part of the Siphon Universe.

While Liquidify, the top liquid staking protocol built on top of the SUI blockchain, aims to maximize the capital efficiency of SUI across the ecosystem, Tradeify is a decentralized derivative trading protocol that offers zero price impact trading, up to 100x leverage, self-custody, aggregated liquidity, and an optimized on-chain trading experience. On top of the SUI blockchain, Liquidify is the industry’s leading liquid staking protocol to maximise SUI’s capital efficiency throughout the ecosystem.


Token supply: 100,000,000 TRY
Raised: 1,200,000 USD


Registration year: 2022

Token info

Ticker: TRY
Type: Utility-token

Siphon Lab Roadmap

March 2022 | Testnet
  • Testnet Launched
  • Community Tested
  • Bug Fixed
May 2023 | Fundrasing
  • 1.2M Seed-roind closed
  • Backed by top VCs
May 2023 | IDO
  • Private Round
  • Public Round
June 2023 | Airdrop
  • 2M $SIP tokens to be distributed

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