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Solciety is a advanced meme-generating tech and offers degens a fun and potentially lucrative way of taking part in current affairs.

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Project industryMeme
Product typePlatform
WhitepaperSolciety White Paper Open

What is Solciety

Solciety positions itself as “the political party for degenerates,” bringing together meme enthusiasts and investors. At the core of their strategy is the Meme Campaigner, which fuels their viral success through politically-themed memes featuring the likes of Donald Pump, Badimir Putin, and Kim Wrong Un.

To incentivize content creation, 10% of the SLCTY token supply (1 billion tokens) goes to rewarding prolific meme creators. This initiative aims to increase the visibility of the project on social networks, taking advantage of the 2024 electoral cycle to expand further.

Solciety has caught the attention of top cryptocurrency influencers including ALTCOIN-BEAR, The PEPE ARMY, ShibArmy1000x, and BscGems1000x, who together have 835,000 followers.

Additionally, Solciety has been fully audited by German Solid Proof veterans – the smart contract is solid, meaning both new traders and experienced degenerates can invest with complete peace of mind.


Pre-sales: Jun 18, 2024 - Jul 18, 2024
Pre-sale token supply: 3,000,000,000 SLCTY
Token supply: 10,000,000,000 SLCTY


Blockchain Platform: Solana
Registration year: 2024

Token info

Ticker: SLCTY
Type: Cryptocurrency
Token standard: SPL-20
Token price in USD: 1 SLCTY = 0,00222 USD
Accepted currencies: SOL, ETH, BNB, USDT, USDC, FIAT
Token distribution:
30% - Presale
20% - Marketing
10% - Rewards
3% - Dev
5% - Partnerships
15% - Treasury
17% - Liquidity

Solciety Roadmap


Grassroots campaigning begins: we grow our base with a fast-moving presale. Influencers and Partnership campaigns.

The Mememaker will pay you in presale tokens to share memes. Fire up that propaganda machine.


Solciety opens up to the public purse shortly after the presale ends.

AR Integration

The Meme Campaigner comes to life as you bring your memes into the real world.

Launch a Solciety Political Candidate

We will Launch an IRL candidate in an election near you. One lucky community member will be funded to run, with the promise of ensuring Solciety Coin becomes legal tender in their country.

Social media

Solciety web-siteSolcietyYouTubeSolciety TelegramSolciety InstagramSolciety X (Twitter)Solciety Discord



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