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Spitball’s mission is to provide students with a marketplace that serves their needs, where they’ll be able to receive and provide homework help, exchange course notes, find work, buy and sell books and much more.

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Project industryEducation
Product typeMarketplace

What is Spitball

The Spitball team claim they have an operating product with 500 000+ registered users and they are now looking to adopt blockchain to launch Spitball 2.0. This improved solution is supposed to eliminate intermediaries and facilitate direct exchange of content, knowledge and services. The Spitball solution will support file sharing, live chatting and whiteboard functionality so that students could share class notes, benefit from tutoring services, sell items, etc.

Spitball 2.0 envisages a reward system that employs SBL tokens. Students will be rewarded for promotion other participants’ sale listings, helping with homework, etc.  They will use Spitball tokens to trade goods.


Blockchain Platform: Ethereum

Token info

Ticker: SBL
Type: Utility-token
Accepted currencies: BTCETHUSD

Spitball Roadmap

Q1 2014

Spitball is launched in Israel as a social studying app.

Q1 2016

2/3rds of college students in Israel registered to Spitball.

Q3 2016

Spitball is launched in the United States.

Q3 2017

Spitball partners with over 25 leading student-serving companies to become the world’s premier aggregator of academic content & services.

Q1 2019

New iOS & Android Apps Released.

Q4 2018

Spitball expands to new markets (Asia, EU)

Q4 2018

Launch of Spitball Marketplace for all student-related goods and services (tutors, textbooks, class material, etc.)

Q3 2018

Initial wallet released

Q1 2019

Integration with 3rd party sites to accept SBL token

Q2 2019

Integration with 3rd party (offline) stores & universities to accept SBL on campuses

Project team

Eidan Apelbaum
Eidan Apelbaum
Founder & CEo
Ram  Yaari
Ram Yaari
Chief Architect & CTo
Jordan Weiss
Jordan Weiss
Chief Operating Officer
Robert Cohen
Robert Cohen
Managing Director & Advisor
Shlomi Kastoryano
Shlomi Kastoryano
UX & UI Designer
Hadar Keidar
Hadar Keidar
Blockchain Developer
Tori Withee
Tori Withee
Community Manager
Ola Jankowska
Ola Jankowska
Chief of Stuff

Social media

Spitball web-siteSpitball RedditSpitball MediumSpitballYouTubeSpitball TelegramSpitball LinkedInSpitball TwitterSpitball FacebookSpitball Github

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