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Stacker Ventures Decentralizes Seed Investments in Promising Digital Assets

Stacker Ventures

For years, access to early-stage dealflow in the cryptocurrency market has been reserved to established and well-connected VC firms. While the crypto landscape boasts an ethos of inclusivity, enthusiasts are often unable to participate in emerging opportunities.

Stacker Ventures is the industry’s response to this traditional closed-door mentality. As a community-owned venture capital protocol and accelerator, it facilitates unparalleled involvement in the hottest web3 initiatives. Community interests are aligned with promising projects whilst democratizing access to seed-stage investments.

Stacker Ventures adopts a DAO framework, with STACK token holders able to vote on capital deployment, engage in aspects of fund management, and participate in project acceleration. The community is welcome to source next-gen blockchain projects, which benefit from financing and industry-leading expertise.

The project is aiming to be the leader in open-access, on-chain managed funds, where depending on the structure, investors can benefit from the expertise of seasoned investors, the collective wisdom of an engaged community, or a unique combination of both.

From its first venture fund managed by the DAO to its upcoming Active Farming Funds, Stacker Ventures believes there is a significant opportunity to democratize the sourcing of capital on Ethereum. Stacker Ventures empowers users to contribute value know-how in hopes of further accelerating each project’s success. Thanks to its open-access policy, there’s a place for everyone to get involved, breeding high-level partnerships and networking opportunities. Those looking for additional revenue streams can mine STACK or sign up as liquidity providers on Uniswap.

The DAO has already launched its first fund, welcoming significant interest from the community. With hard commitments already exceeding $2M, Fund 1 investments are scheduled to commence on 1st May. Projects looking to get involved are welcomed to apply via the portal, and will be subject to community approval.

Soon enough, Stacker Ventures will kick off its accelerator, boosting promising projects to new heights. To learn more about Stacker Ventures, check out the website, read the docs, and join the passionate community on Telegram and Discord. Get in touch at

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