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Swiss Alps Mining & Energy (SAM)


Swiss Alps Mining & Energy offers mining facilities in unused buildings in the Swiss alps, powered by renewable energy.

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Project industryMining
Product typeService

What is Swiss Alps Mining & Energy

Swiss Alps Energy AG (SAE) is a distributed ledger-based energy supplier and an operator of flexible modular mining infrastructures that are intended for long-term stationary use. SAE ustilizes a smart modular cube system (SAM cubes) to build and implement prefabricated dust-protected mining components on-site. In addition to ventilation units, the SAM cubes operate an Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) system. ORC systems use the waste heat of industrial processes (through a downstream steam power process) to generate electricity. The cubes are self-contained and operate autonomously. For extensive maintenance and monitoring, each cube communicates with the central management platform that monitors the cubes and assigns to each cube the optimal parameter to maximize mining efficiency. 

SAE will rent out entire cubes or individual mining capacities from the SAM Cubes. SAE will also give competitors and/or individual persons the possibility to rent mining facilities, and the power needed can be paid in SAM tokens.



Public sales: Oct 01, 2018 - Oct 29, 2018
Pre-sale token supply: 29166666
Token supply: 157440475
Hard cap: 45,000,000 USD
Raised: 10,529,763 USD


Registration country: Switzerland
Registration year: 2018

Token info

Ticker: SAM
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: ERC-20
Token price in USD: 1 Token = 0.800000 USD
Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH, USD
Bonus program:
Token Price:
Pre-ICO Tier 1 - $0.30
Pre-ICO Tier 2 - $0.40
ICO Tier 1 - $0.50
ICO Tier 2 - $0.60
ICO Tier 3 - $0.70
ICO Tier 4 - $0.80
Token distribution:
50.6% - ICO
9.4% - Pre-ICO
25% - Founders, Partners
8% - Early Angel Token Owners, Advisors
2% - Bounty
5% - Future Contributors
Funds allocation:
60% - Mining Facilities, Hydropower Plants
18% - Administration, Salaries, Rent
10% - Marketing and Promotion Expenditures
5% - Workshop (Cube Construction)
5% - Development, Blockchain, Certification
2% - Legal Costs

Swiss Alps Mining & Energy Roadmap

October 2017

Work on project commences.

February 2018

Founding of AG.

February - March 2018

First cube running .

March - October 2018

Development of SAM mining pool and SAM platform.

May 2018

ICO private sale.

July 2018

Further cubes.

July 2018

Project identification processes and KYC.

October 2018

Purchase of first power plant.


Commissioning and leasing of first cloud-mining cubes.


Ppower production.

Project team

Gian-Carlo Collenberg
Gian-Carlo Collenberg
Founder and CEO
Gian-Carlo Collenberg linkedin
Ramon Simon
Ramon Simon
Founder and CFO
Ramon Simon linkedin
Michael Rava
Michael Rava
Founder and CMO
Michael Rava linkedin
Rajasekaran Yogarajah
Rajasekaran Yogarajah
Founder and CTO
Rajasekaran Yogarajah linkedin
Gnanasekaran Yogarajah
Gnanasekaran Yogarajah
Founder and CDO
Gnanasekaran Yogarajah linkedin
Christian Giger
Christian Giger
Head of construction mining cubes
Christian Giger linkedin
Zekeriya Ak
Zekeriya Ak
Head of electronics
Zekeriya Ak linkedin
Andreas Willhelm
Andreas Willhelm
Construction draftsman
Pascale Uccella
Pascale Uccella
Head of human resources
Pascale Uccella linkedin


Sergey Shneyerson
Sergey Shneyerson
Sergey Shneyerson linkedin
George Schmidt
George Schmidt
George Schmidt linkedin
Sabina R. Korfmann-Bodenmann
Sabina R. Korfmann-Bodenmann
Daniel Rytz
Daniel Rytz
Daniel Rytz linkedin
Marco Calicchia
Marco Calicchia
Marco Calicchia linkedin
Ian Scarffe
Ian Scarffe
Ian Scarffe linkedin
Naviin Kapoor
Naviin Kapoor
Naviin Kapoor linkedin

Social media

Swiss Alps Mining & Energy RedditSwiss Alps Mining & Energy MediumSwiss Alps Mining & Energy BTCTalk

User rating:

3/5 ( 3 )

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