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Purchase and trade digital gold, silver, and other metals while taking advantage of fantastic promotions and raffle prizes in December 2022. One stop solution for all Digital Gold requirements!

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Project industryReal Assets
Product typeGoods
WhitepaperThe Bit Gold White Paper Open

What is The Bit Gold

How are we grabbing the opportunity?

  • Global reach
With our app and easily accessible website, we serve consumers all over the world.
  • All fintech solutions
at one place We provide a one-stop shop for all digital Assets solutions, allowing our customers to stay financial independent
  • Advanced & Dynamic approach
We construct our platforms using cutting-edge technology and have a goal of adding every new financial service to our platform
  • First mover advantage
Being the first in our region to have all Digital Gold solution at one place we have a first mover advantage

Our mission is to bring in a ‘Revolution in the Digital Gold segment verified from blockchain’ that will adhere to Dubai’s 2030 strategies for companies in the field of blockchain and metaverse through building affinity relationships with customers and concerned digital asset traders. We have designed state of art digital coins which can be minted using ERC 721 and ERC 1155 and an easy-to-use UPI platform (Unified Payment Interface), along with an easy application process, thus fabricating a digitalized one-stop arcade for the stakeholders as well as the digital traders. The company is uniquely positioned in the flourishing market due to intensive knowledge in the field of Blockchain and Digital transformation by the founders themselves.

We increase customer confidence in the acceptability of digital assets and lower the cost of acquisition and increase their revenue for investors and customers as compared to the physical metals thanks to our scalable architecture and constant mapping of BitGold's digital journey. By targeting 500+ digital branches globally, we make sure that our services are widely accessible to as many clients as possible, cultivate a large number of digital traders, and bring about the necessary revolution in the digital gold market by offering up job possibilities that will benefit ecosystems globally.


IDO (Fomoin Launchpad): Oct 26, 2022 - Oct 28, 2022
Token supply: 10,000,000 BGT


Blockchain Platform: Binance Smart Chain

Token info

Ticker: BGT
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: BEP-20
Token price in USD: 1 BGT = 1 USD
Accepted currencies: BUSD
Funds allocation:
Marketing - 20%
Product Development - 35%
Salaries - 35%
Opex - 10%

The Bit Gold Roadmap

25 July 2022

LIVE Deployment for Digital Gold Marketplace

6 AUGUST 2022

Launching Artificial for Crypto Millionaire Program Intelligence marketing of Crypto Millionaire

15 NOV 2022

End date for Raffles of Crypto Millionaire Program

2 DEC 2022

TBGT Listing in Coin Store Exchange

3 DEC 2022

Prize Distribution Ceremony in UAE Launching Artificial for Crypto Millionaire Program

15 DEC 2022

Roll out the Forex platform to the Audience

5 JAN 2023

Roll out NFT & VR games accepting Crypto & TBGT

25 Jan 2023

GPU mining in a Thrust IT UAE-based infrastructure to begin revenue stream in in 48 hours

3 Feb 2023

Insuring the Investor’s capital investment for a period of five years

15 FEB 2023

Snooker Championship Program World 2023 in Abu Dhabi, UAE Zayed sports City with prize money as Tokenomics of The BitGold

1 MAR 2023

E-commerce Marketplace Products/ Services that can be used with TBGT

15 MAR 2023

Soccer Premier League in UAE Zayed Sports City with Prize Money in TheBitGold

1 APR 2023

KOISK machine accepting Deposit/Withdrawal of TBGT

15 APR 2023

TBGT Crypto payment for Real Estate Sector worldwide

Project team

Ahmed Alhashmi
Ahmed Alhashmi
Ahmed Alhashmi linkedin
Aadil Ali
Aadil Ali
Aadil Ali linkedin
Mohamed M Shehab Alhashmi
Mohamed M Shehab Alhashmi
Managing Director
Mohamed M Shehab Alhashmi linkedin
Investment Partners

Social media

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