The Next Big Cryptocurrency: This New Altcoin Has a Bright and Sustainable Future with its Diverse Web 3 Ecosystem

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The first step towards success for any cryptocurrency project is to first earn the public trust, which can be challenging to achieve. This is why some crypto projects like MetaBlaze Token undergo extensive KYC (Know-Your-Customer) processes with Blockchain Security companies such as Certik, to display a commitment to transparency and accountability.

MetaBlaze Token (MBLZ) Audited by Certik

The MetaBlaze Certik Audit was completed on June 3, 2022. Certik’s team of expert auditors manually reviewed the source code for MetaBlaze Token (MBLZ) smart contract. The audit identifies any functionality issues and security risks before suggesting any appropriate remediation changes to optimize functionality and enhance security across the board. The close collaboration between Certik and MetaBlaze brings peace of mind to the community of backers.

MetaBlaze Founding Team: Certik KYC

In addition to the smart contract audit, the founding team members of MetaBlaze have undergone a thorough KYC process with Certik. I.D. and liveness checks were conducted, and a rigorous background investigation was conducted on each team member. An On-chain analysis was performed on all wallets associated with the project. The company’s C.E.O. was interviewed on video by a background investigator.

The Comprehensive KYC Badge brings an additional security layer to the company. It enhances investor confidence as it reflects a commitment to unparalleled transparency and trustworthiness to its community and new investors.

MetaBlaze Brings a Sustainable Ecosystem to the Crypto World

MetaBlaze is an exciting new blockchain gaming company in its late presale phase, expected to list on cryptocurrency exchanges in July of 2022. MetaBlaze Token is a multi-chain, dual reward-based cryptocurrency built on the Binance Smart Chain, with an upcoming version built on the Ethereum Blockchain.

MetaBlaze, an innovative new project that aims to unify the best features of two rapidly growing and popular crypto categories – DeFi (Decentralized Finance) and GameFi (Gaming Finance). By bringing these two together in unison, MetaBlaze seeks to create a more harmonious crypto ecosystem with blockchain gaming at its core.

The team behind MetaBlaze has designed the ecosystem with various value-added utilities, which are meant to drive revenue into the economy and ultimately bring more value to holders. Some of these features include a MetaBlaze Marketplace where users can buy, sell, or trade items and assets, an in-game staking platform that allows users to earn crypto, a native Blockchain, NFT working grounds, and a gaming platform that brings the fun and excitement of gaming to the MetaBlaze ecosystem. With so much to offer, MetaBlaze is sure to be a hit with gamers and non-gamers alike.

Let’s face it; there is no denying the tremendous value within the gaming industry. You don’t have to like gaming to be aware of its global history and multi-hundred billion dollars per year market. According to Fortune Business Insights, “The global gaming market is projected to reach 545 billion dollars by 2028.”

As of late, traditional gaming has been a one-way street once it became possible for gamers to purchase in-game assets, such as weapons from popular games like Fortnite. Gamers can put money in but never take it out; thus, just another source of revenue for the gaming company.

Blockchain gaming is the clear-cut solution, rewarding players for engagement, making it possible to buy, trade, and sell in-game assets, with full proof of ownership stored on the Blockchain. Not only is this disruptive, but it’s changing the course of gaming in a significant way.

MetaBlazes’ upcoming AAA play-to-earn game expected to roll out in 2024 will be accessible within BlazedApp, an intelligent, decentralized application. In this blockchain-powered game, players take on the role of controlling NFT-based game characters, engaging in player-vs-player battles to take control of stunning 3D worlds and sustain life for their species. A presale NFT mint is currently ongoing for the first NFT character collection: MetaGoblin NFTs.

BlazedApp (Decentralized Application)

The MetaBlaze ecosystem revolves around its dApp (Decentralized Application), known as “BlazedApp.” The BlazedApp will offer users a variety of features, such as access to the Player-vs-Player game referenced above. As an MVP (Minimum Viable Product), MetaBlaze will release a simple NFT strategy game upon listing on cryptocurrency exchanges. The Blaziverse will serve as a club membership to this interactive, 50-level NFT strategy game.

Upon entering the Blaziverse, users can stake tokens and earn interest in MBLZ and NFTs. The BlazedApp is also home to the world’s first NFT working grounds. In the Blazelands, NFTs can be employed – physically be put to work – and generate perpetual revenue for their boss (NFT owner). Users can increase earnings by accumulating more NFTs and building the workforce.

BlazedApp also provides storage solutions for ecosystem assets and keeps records of their corresponding Blazepoints usable within its ecosystem. MetaBlaze will be introducing a unique NFT rental system, enabling additional passive income for non-gamers and increasing accessibility for game players.

Holding MBLZ tokens generates income in two different forms of crypto: MetaBlaze Token (MBLZ) and Binance Stable Coin (BUSD). However, holders of MBLZ tokens can connect to BlazedApp and swap their Binance Coin rewards for any other crypto coin on the Binance Smart Chain.

AI-Driven Price Stabilization Mechanism and Blockchain Bridge

BlazedApp runs off a smart contract and works with the MBLZ smart contract using AI to stabilize prices. The AI will look at the market value and circulating supply to ensure stable prices. If someone sells a lot of tokens, the AI will automatically deploy a token buyback to keep the price stable. The dApp also serves as the bridge to the Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum Blockchain, allowing seamless integration of the multi-chain crypto coin: MetaBlaze (MBLZ).

MetaBlaze Ecosystem Highlights

  • Multi Chain (BSC & ETH)
  • Rewards & Reflections (BUSD & MBLZ)
  • BlazedApp (Decentralized Application)
  • Blaziverse (NFT Strategy Game)
  • Blazelands (NFT Working Grounds)
  • NFT Rental System
  • In-Game Virtual Real Estate
  • In-game Performance Driven Staking
  • In-game character NFT Collections
  • Ecosystem-Specific NFTs
  • Native Blockchain (BlazeChain)
  • 3D Play-to-Earn Game


Through the diverse utility, MetaBlaze offers something for everybody, creating a recipe for amplified community growth. With sound tokenomics, a multi-chain token, and its unified ecosystem, MetaBlaze brings a well-designed recipe for explosive growth with its diverse ecosystem and ability to continuously drive revenue to its economy through various mediums.

As MetaBlaze is still in its presale phase and expected to list on crypto exchanges next month, this is an excellent time to get in on the ground floor and potentially see before listing on both Pancake Swap and UniSwap with the multi-chain MBLZ token. The current presale price is $0.000095 per MBLZ. Presale buyers receive a 5% MBLZ bonus per transaction. The public exchange listing price is set at $0.0002.

Join the MetaBlaze Telegram community and see what the community has to say about MetaBlaze. To learn more or participate in the crypto presale, visit MetaBlaze and click the “Buy Tokens Here” button.

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