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Contextualized data and analytics for the blockchain ecosystem. The only analytics solution that maps flows and contextualizes blockchain transaction data between protocols. Query any event, call, transaction, balance, state or storage diff from genesis.

Series A funding: $12 Million

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Project industryBlockchain Infrastructure
Product typeTechnology
WhitepaperToken Flow White Paper Open

What is Token Flow

Token Flow's proprietary transaction processing technology enables what has always been considered impossible - full historical analysis of blockchain state. Users can now easily analyze every smart contract variable, including hashmap keys and complex structures. This multiplies the productivity of data analysts, security researchers, and developers, allowing them to perform new types of valuable analysis that previously was difficult or infeasible. At the same time this is more efficient than call and event based analysis and reduces the complexity and errors that are frequent with such an approach.


Raised: 12,000,000 USD


Registration country: Switzerland
Registration year: 2021
Office address: Route des Jeunes 105A 1212 Grand-Lancy, Lancy Switzerland

Token Flow Roadmap

Under consideration
  • Chrome Extension for EthTX
  • Add (other) scaling solutions to Data Warehouse(s) - tell us which networks to add
  • Add (other) scaling solutions to EthTx - tell us which networks to add
  • Add Fantom support to EthTx
  • Add Polygon support to EthTx
In Development
  • Transaction Simulator
  • Blockchain Processor API for live data
  • EthTx Pro
Launching Soon
  • Ethereum Data Warehouse - DECODED data layer

Project team

Tomasz Mierzwa
Tomasz Mierzwa
Co-Founder & Chief Data Wizard
Tomasz Mierzwa linkedin
Arran Kitson
Arran Kitson
Co-Founder & CEO
Arran Kitson linkedin
Karol Chojnowski
Karol Chojnowski
Senior Data Engineer
Karol Chojnowski linkedin
Piotr Rudnik
Piotr Rudnik
Data Engineer
Piotr Rudnik linkedin
Riccardo Maganza
Riccardo Maganza
Data Engineer
Riccardo Maganza linkedin
Daniel Forte Marques
Daniel Forte Marques
Fullstack Developer
Daniel Forte Marques linkedin
Sam Lecoultre
Sam Lecoultre
Operations Manager
Sam Lecoultre linkedin
Léna Consigny
Léna Consigny
Marketing and Communications Manager
Léna Consigny linkedin


Bartek Kiepuszewski
Bartek Kiepuszewski
Co-Founder & Blockchain Advisor
Bartek Kiepuszewski linkedin

Social media

Token Flow web-siteToken Flow LinkedInToken Flow X (Twitter)Token Flow DiscordToken Flow Github



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