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Truflation (TRUF)


Truflation is an economic data aggregator that provides independent, unbiased, real-time data both on-chain and off-chain. The goal of Truflation is to enable individuals, investors, companies, and institutions to make better informed decisions by having access to independent and unbiased economic information.

Funding Round: $6M

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Project industryBlockchain Infrastructure
Product typeProtocol
FoundedUnited States
WhitepaperTruflation White Paper Open

What is Truflation

The Truflation Stream Network (TSN) is designed to enhance any compatible blockchain with real-world data through functions that are not available natively on these blockchains. The TSN is responsible for the network, computation, and storage layers of the protocol. The TSN is formed by a committee of consensus-driven nodes that collect and process real-world data for distribution in the form of data streams to various programmable environments. The main characteristics of the TSN are:

  • Sufficiently decentralized and governable
  • Composable
  • Fast

The TSN is available and synchronized across various Layer 1’s and EVM-compatible blockchains such as: Ethereum, Base, Avalanche, Arbitrum, BSC, Polygon, Fantom + other EVM chains.lity, accuracy, and innovation take center stage.


IDO (Polkastarter Launchpad): Apr 05, 2024 - Apr 05, 2024
IDO (Fjord Foundry LBP): Dec 14, 2022 - Dec 17, 2022
IDO (Impossible Finance Launchpad): Mar 27, 2024 - Mar 27, 2024
Pre-sale token supply: 250,000,000 TRUF
Token supply: 1,000,000,000 TRUF
Raised: 10,000,000 USD


Registration country: United States
Registration year: 2022

Token info

Ticker: TFI
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: ERC-20
Token price in USD: 1 TFI = 0,075 USD
Token distribution:
58% - Community
25% - Investors
13% - Team & Recruitment
4% - Advisors

Truflation Roadmap

Q1 2023
  • New website and dashboard
  • Sela-serve payments for dashboard
  • Inflation calculator
  • Truflation sub-index
Q2 2023
  • Calculator integrations
  • Data stream integrations
  • Paid API system
Q3 2023
  • First node operators
  • Oracle server MVP
  • Crowd rewarding pricing capture
  • Curated truData studio
  • OpenAI integrations in truData
Q4 2023
  • truOracle with Chainlink
  • Automated predictions
  • Real time data support
Q1 2024
  • truDataresearch platform
  • truDatastudio live to public
Q2 2024
  • Internationalisation of Truflation
  • truData economic realtime search

Project team

Stefan Rust
Stefan Rust
Stefan Rust linkedin
Vadim Zolotokrylin
Vadim Zolotokrylin
Co-founder, CEO
Vadim Zolotokrylin linkedin
Oliver Rust
Oliver Rust
Truflation Lead
Oliver Rust linkedin
Petro Vermeulen
Petro Vermeulen
People Operations EA & Project Manager
Petro Vermeulen linkedin
Richard Alagbe
Richard Alagbe
Freelance Writer
Richard Alagbe linkedin
Ivan Jelic
Ivan Jelic
Data Lead
Ivan Jelic linkedin
Beverley Vermeulen
Beverley Vermeulen
Administrative Assistant
Beverley Vermeulen linkedin
Betty Sharples
Betty Sharples
Head of Business Development
Betty Sharples linkedin
Jarryd Pretorius
Jarryd Pretorius
Senior Software Engineer
Jarryd Pretorius linkedin
Jake Simenhoff
Jake Simenhoff
Community & Content Strategist
Jake Simenhoff linkedin
Samuel Austin
Samuel Austin
Lead Product Designer
Samuel Austin linkedin
David Garfunkel
David Garfunkel
Head of DeFi and Fintech Business Development
David Garfunkel linkedin


Elvie Kamalova
Elvie Kamalova
Strategic Advisor
Elvie Kamalova linkedin

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