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We want to allow people to exchange their in-game currency (gold, diamonds, tokens etc.) for real money. Any game that you play, already gives you a currency of its own. This is first cryptocoin that will allow you to exchange it for fiat values ($, €, £…) or other in-game currency. That means you will be able to exchange currency from one game, to currency from another.

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Project industryGaming & VR
Product typePlatform

What is Ulti Coin

ULTI Coin (Token) is new cryptocurrency (ERC-20 Token) that implements and manages in-game virtual currencies.

Purpose of ULTI Coin is exchanging in-game currencies for ULTI Tokens, which allows gamers to become users of ULTI Coin, and exchange ULTI Tokens for fiat currencies or any other in-game currency.

Already implemented system of earning in-game currencies in MMO games, PC games, console games, mobile games etc., ULTI Coin allows people to exchange their in-game currencies for ULTI Coins.


  • The first “Real money” in-game currency
  • We want to allow people to exchange their in-game currency (gold, diamonds, tokens etc.) for real money. Any game that you play, already gives you a currency of its own. This is first cryptocoin that will allow you to exchange it for fiat values ($, €, £…) or other in-game currency. That means you will be able to exchange currency from one game, to currency from another.
  • ULTI & Game Industry
  • ULTI is an open source platform made for gamers and game companies. There are billions of dollars trapped in video-games. By using our coin we can finally unlock that “long forgotten treassure”. Everyone gets their “piece of the cake”. Gamers and gaming companies will finally be able to access their well earned money.
  • Decentralisation
  • Digital currencies are locked to a single game, and they are not transferable. Trading outside game enviroment now becomes fast and easy.
  • Payment fraud solution
  • It is estimated that for every legitimate virtual purchase made, there are 7.5 virtual items lost to fraud. Assets stored and managed online can be open to manipulation or chargebacks. Merchants have to deal with extra burdens, and scammers damage the game’s reputation. By using blockchain technology we overcome all the issues from above. Everything is encrypted, transparent and safe.
  • ULTI in game application
  • We are currently working on smart contract application that will allow you to use our coin in games. Super easy to use, powered by blockchain, encrypted and safe!

    ERC-20 Token

    ERC20 is a technical standard used for smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain for implementing tokens. ERC stands for Ethereum Request for Comment, and 20 is the number that was assigned to this request. The clear majority of tokens issued on the Ethereum blockchain are ERC20 compliant.

    ERC20 defines a common list of rules for Ethereum tokens to follow within the larger Ethereum ecosystem, allowing developers to accurately predict interaction between tokens. These rules include how the tokens are transferred between addresses and how data within each token is accessed.

    How it works?

  • We encourage you to do what you the game you like.
  • Regardless of gaming platform [PC, Mobile or Console] you already earn in-game money [tokens, gold, diamonds, stars etc.]
  • By using our platform you will be able to exchange any adopted in-game currency for our coin
  • Ulti coin will soon be on many crypto - exchanges where you will be able to sell it for crypto coins ) (ETH,BTC,BCH...) or fiat value ($,€,£,¥)


    Pre-sales: Nov 13, 2018 - Jun 13, 2019
    Public sales: Jun 13, 2019 - Sep 13, 2019
    Pre-sale token supply: 118,125,000 ULTI
    Token supply: 225,000,000 ULTI
    Total tokens for sale: 50,625,000 ULTI
    Soft cap: 2,160,000 USD
    Hard cap: 33,834,400 USD


    Blockchain Platform: Ethereum
    Country limitations: United States, Terrorist Blacklisted Countries
    Registration year: 2018

    Token info

    Ticker: ULTI
    Type: Cryptocurrency
    Token standard: ERC20
    Token price in USD: 1 ULTI= 0.24 USD
    Token price in EUR: 1 ULTI = 0.2 EUR
    Accepted currencies: ETH, BTC, USD, EUR
    Bonus program:
    First faze 18.000.000 tokens will be sold for $0.12 - 50% discount
    Second faze 50.062.500 tokens will be sold for $0.18 - 25% discount
    Thrird faze 50.062.500 tokens will be sold for $0.21 - 12.5% discount
    Token distribution:
    52.5% - Pre-Sale
    22.5% - ICO
    25% - Company Development
    Funds allocation:
    50% - Development
    28% - Marketing Percent Growth
    10% - Security
    5% - Infrastructure & Hosting
    5% - Legal
    2% - Unforeseen Costs

    Ulti Coin Roadmap

    Q3 2017

    Project Hera
    - Idea and concept creation
    - Original team formation

    Q4 2017

    Project Apollo
    - In-depth market research & analysis
    - Audience research
    - Competitor analysis
    - Initial platform development

    Q1 2018

    Project Hephaestus
    • Blockchain research
    • Whitepaper designed
    • Website designed
    • Additional team members hired
    • Working on ERC-20 token creation

    Q2 2018

    Project Hermes
    • ERC-20 "ULTI" token created
    • Initial coin offering preparation
    • Additional team members hired
    • Future partners negotiation
    • Business concept finalization

    Q3 2018

    Project Artemis
    • Whitepaper goes live
    • Website goes live
    • ULTI token private sale starts

    Q4 2018

    Project Ares
    • ULTI token pre-sale starts
    • Smart contract deployment
    • In game unique platform systems development
    • ULTI coin wallet goes live

    Q1 2019

    Project Heracles
    • ICO finalization
    • ULTI token crowd sale goes live
    • ULTI coin cryptoexchange adoption
    • Additional team members hiring

    Project team

    Sinisa Milic
    Sinisa Milic
    Sinisa Milic linkedin
    Petar Bozic
    Petar Bozic
    Petar Bozic linkedin
    Dusan Stojsic
    Dusan Stojsic
    Marketing and HR director
    Dusan Stojsic linkedin
    Nemanja Lekic
    Nemanja Lekic
    Art and design director
    Nemanja Lekic linkedin
    Sergej Belavin
    Sergej Belavin
    Chief consultant
    Sergej Belavin linkedin
    Marko Mihalcic
    Marko Mihalcic
    Sales director
    Marko Mihalcic linkedin
    Marko Milojevic
    Marko Milojevic
    Lead sale manager
    Marko Milojevic linkedin
    Nikola Nesic
    Nikola Nesic
    Lead developer

    Social media

    Ulti Coin web-siteUlti CoinYouTubeUlti Coin TelegramUlti Coin InstagramUlti Coin BTCTalkUlti Coin LinkedInUlti Coin TwitterUlti Coin Facebook

    User rating:

    5/5 ( 1 )

    Ulti Coin rating

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