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UXUY is a cross-chain liquidity aggregation protocol and next-gen MPC-based decentralized trading platform that enables seamless token swapping across multiple chains.

Pre-Series A: $7 Million

Seed Round: $3 Million

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Project industryTrading & Investing / Exchanges & Wallets
Product typePlatform
WhitepaperUXUY White Paper Open

What is UXUY

UXUY is a decentralized multi-chain trading platform incubated by Binance Labs, dedicated to providing users with a seamless trading experience across various blockchain networks. With a focus on innovation and user empowerment, UXUY aims to revolutionize the decentralized exchange landscape and leverage Lightning Network to empower users to trade any token on any chain.

Our protocol is built on a stablecoin-based bridge that sources liquidity from various DEXs, providing lightning-fast trades with minimal slippage. With our state-of-the-art technology, you can easily access hybrid cross-chain liquidity in one place, elevating your trading experience to new heights and scaning all possible routes and find your bargain with the best rate.

UXUY provides a suite of products, including our customisable widget that can be easily embedded into your DApp, allowing your team to focus on building without worrying about integrating disparate bridges and DEXs, which could take months. We also offer API that not only offers the freedom of customizing UI but empowers you with the strong functionalities of UXUY protocol. Customizable and Powerful.


Raised: 10,200,000 USD


Registration country: Singapore
Registration year: 2022
Office address: 168 Robinson Road, Singapore, 068912, SG

Project team

Max W
Max W
Co-Founder & CTO
Max W linkedin
Jordan L.
Jordan L.
Jordan L. linkedin
Kevin Como
Kevin Como
Kevin Como linkedin

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