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ZeroDev is a smart wallet as a-service firm that provides in-app smart contract wallets.

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Project industryExchanges & Wallets
Product typeService
FoundedUnited States
WhitepaperZeroDev White Paper Open

What is ZeroDev

ZeroDev provides smart wallets as a service. We handle the wallet tech, so you can focus on shipping an amazing product.

ZeroDev is a developer framework for creating, using, and extending smart wallets powered by account abstraction (ERC-4337).

  • Create: ZeroDev integrates with all popular onboarding and authentication solutions, so that you can easily create smart wallets for your users, no matter they are Web2 or Web3.
  • Use: ZeroDev provides SDKs and APIs for the most popular smart wallet features, including gas sponsoring, transaction batching, automated transactions, session keys, and more.
  • Extend: if our smart wallet features don't cover your needs, you can easily build custom smart wallet plugins using our plugin framework.

No matter if you are building a wallet or a DApp, you can use ZeroDev to dramatically improve Web3 UX for your users.


Raised: 500,000 USD


Registration year: 2022

Project team

Derek Chiang
Derek Chiang
Founder & CEO
Derek Chiang linkedin
Zobeir H.
Zobeir H.
Lead Software Engineer
Zobeir H. linkedin
Kyotaek Lee
Kyotaek Lee
Chief Researcher
Kyotaek Lee linkedin

Social media

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