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Zomma Protocol is the first DeFi Option Protocol that offers the highest capital efficiency on zkSync.

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Project industryExchanges & Wallets
Product typeDeFi
WhitepaperZomma White Paper Open

What is Zomma

Zomma Protocol aims to serve all derivative Users by creating a diversified and feature-complete platform that caters to both the TradFi and DeFi users by incorporating 4 unique features. With a wide range of pool choices and the nature of options, ZOMMA is therefore able to provide a greater capital efficiency which can be exceptionally important to a fast-changing trading behavior.

By applying a higher precision Heston model in our pricing strategy, Zomma Protocol is confident to stay competitive. Last but not least Zomma’s inhouse liquidation mechanism, ZLM functions to maintain the stability of the platform, that in turns translates to the benefits of ZOMMAN as a whole, elevating option trading to the next level.

The $ZMA token is primarily a utility token designed to facilitate and incentivize the decentralized governance of the protocol. As such, holders of $ZMA tokens accrue voting rights later.


Blockchain Platform: zkSync
Registration country: Taiwan
Registration year: 2022

Token info

Ticker: ZMA
Type: Utility-token
Token distribution:
11% - Ecosystem Building
30% - Mining
2% - Liquidity Provision
5% - Insurance
5% - Public Sale
19% - Investors
18% - Core Team

Zomma Roadmap

2022 Q4
  • Launched alpha test on testnet
  • Improvement & optimization
  • 3 testnet trading community campaigns
  • Twitter Staking & Leverages Campaigns & Giftaways
  • Built ZOMMA community (Discord, Telegram, Twitter)
  • Brand Exposure on blockchain week
2023 Q1
  • Raise seed-round funding
  • Launch Beta for whitehats
  • Partnerships of Market makers / LP
  • Build strategic partnerships and ZOMMA ecosystem
  • Zomma testnet updates
  • Community Engagements
  • Twitter campaigns
  • Discord campaigns
  • Community AMA
  • Appearances on eth events
2023 Q2
  • Raise seed-round funding
  • Improvements & Optimization on V1
  • Community Engagements-
  • Build partnerships of structured products
  • eth DEMO days & VC meet
  • Expanding developments on other blockchains
  • Code Auditing with Sherlock/Code4rena
  • Bug bounty campaigns
2023 Q3
  • Official Launch in July 1st
  • Raise strategic-round funding
  • Announcement of partnerships with derivatives trading platform
  • Collab with crypto trading KOLs
  • Expand on crypto options community on socials: Discord/ Facebook/Twitter/ Offline space
  • Marketing exposure & road shows

Project team

Tom Soong
Tom Soong
Co-Founder & CEO
Tom Soong linkedin
CHI-CHUN (Taka) KAO linkedin
Dr. CH Sean Han
Dr. CH Sean Han
Chief Scientist
Alex Huang
Alex Huang
Chief Strategist
Wayne Chen
Wayne Chen
Wang Morgan
Wang Morgan
Wang Morgan linkedin
Charlotte Jao
Charlotte Jao
Business Development
Charlotte Jao linkedin
Fan-Shuo Fang
Fan-Shuo Fang
Fan-Shuo Fang linkedin

Social media

Zomma web-siteZommaYouTubeZomma TelegramZomma LinkedInZomma X (Twitter)Zomma Discord



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