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QuantAMM is a decentralized exchange aimed at delivering top-tier on-chain liquidity. Rooted in principles of quantitative finance, the brand prioritizes fund composability and the temporal aspect of portfolio theory within its protocol.

Pre-Seed Funding Round:$1.85 Million

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Project industryExchanges & Wallets
Product typeDeFi
WhitepaperQuantAMM White Paper Open

What is QuantAMM

QuantAMM is the first protocol to utilise Temporal Function Market Making (TFMM). While still providing AMM functionality, core liquidity providing is not the primary objective on QuantAMM: TFMM is used to provide the rebalancing mechanism for on-chain quantitative asset management. This enables a new generation of DeFi passive products–Blockchain Traded Funds or BTFs. QuantAMM is targeting future institutional use by providing on-chain feature hooks that can likely enable necessary regional regulatory compliance.

Utilizing novel gradient and precision estimators, standard portfolio management strategies are outlined and simulated, demonstrating the strength of the TFMM approach outside of traditional liquidity providing.


Raised: 1,850,000 USD


Registration year: 2022

QuantAMM Roadmap

Q2 2022

Initial Capital Reised

Q3/4 2022

Built Simulator

Q1 2023

Protocol V1

Solidity build starts

Q2 2023

"In Flight" Audit done by ToB

Q3 2023

Pre-Seed extension

Q4 2023

Exit Stealth followed by private beta

Early 2024


Regulatory process begins

Expanding partner integrations

Project team

Matthew Willetts
Matthew Willetts
Founder & CEO
Matthew Willetts linkedin
Christian Harrington
Christian Harrington
Founder & CTO
Christian Harrington linkedin

Social media

QuantAMM web-siteQuantAMM MediumQuantAMM Twitter

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