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User Friendly Self-Custodial Crypto Wallet-The optimal choice for web2 user to enter web3.

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What is Echooo

Echooo is the most secure crypto wallet with great user experience.Echooo wallet is self-custody and seedless which providing bulletproof security for your assets by implementing industry leading MPC, Multi-Sig and Social Recovery etc.mechanism.Echooo also provides Web 2.0 user experience by mobile native and gasless its unique features,Echooo is one generation ahead of all traditional wallet and will be the benchmark in the Web3.0 wallet market.

Better Security

Leaving your funds in an unsafe wallet is very risky,an estimated $2.7M is stolen from custodial wallets by hackers every day.Eshooo provide bank-grade security to users by implementing the self-developed cutting-edge security solution.

  • Self-custody:In Echooo,only you can access,recover,or spend your assets.
  • Multi-Sig: Echooo Vault provide multi-factor authentication by setting up your own Guardians.Guardians are people and devices you choose to help keep your wallet even more secure.You can ask Guardians‘help to lock wallet,approve wallet recovery/untrusted transaction.
  • Social Recovery: No more writing down recovery phrases and passwords.To recover your Vault account,just ask your Guardians for help to approve a recovery.
  • Independently Audited:Our smart contracts have been audited by crypto security experts from Coinspect.
  • Secure enclave and biometric authentication: Your wallet are protected with all the latest security features of iOS and Android.

Easy To Use

Most of the crypto wallets today is hard to use especially for the users from Web2.0 world.We totally understand the problems users are facing now and put a lot of effort to improve the user experience in our products.Providing the easiest and the most user-friendly wallet to our users is always our product core principles.

  • Seed Phrase Free: Wallets with seed phrases are a popular choice since the beginning of the crypto industry.There is always a risk that users accidentally lose their seed phrase or stolen by hack attacks which cause the fund lost. Echooo removes the seed phrases,and users don’t need to worry about the single point of failure caused by seed phrases anymore.
  • Mobile Native:With world class user interface design and all implemented in mobile native code on both Android and iOS platform,Echooo will provide great user experience to users.Furthermore,Echooo spends a lot of efforts to optimize the experience for small screen and low performance devices.
  • Gasless: Echooo reduces the user’s gas fee to the lowest by own-developed AI-Driven technology and rollup in layer2 zkSync network.You can pay gas fee with any tokens you have.
  • Multi-Chain Support: Echooo supports 10+EVM-compatible blockchains like Ethereum,BSC,Polygon and zkSync etc.Echooo will also support non-EVM compatible blockchains soon.


Registration year: 2022

Echooo Roadmap

January 2023
  • Wallet App 1.0
  • Defi:Staking Swapping、Swapping
May 2023
  • Wallet App 2.0
  • NFT Shopping Mall 1.0
September 2023
  • Wallet App 3.0
  • NFT Shopping Mall App
September 2024
  • Zk-Proof AppChain 1.0

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