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Valio is the talent discovery marketplace connecting traders and asset managers to capital in a trustless and non-custodial way.

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Project industryTrading & Investing
Product typeDeFi
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What is Valio

Valio is a talent discovery marketplace connecting traders to capital. On Valio you can bet on traders and asset managers without needing to trust them. Let them allocate funds for you in a secure and non-custodial way. No lockups, withdraw any time!

For traders and asset managers, Valio is a way to make money by trading on behalf of others. Build a public track record and use that to attract more capital, earning more fees. Anyone can become a vault manager - it’s permissionless.

What’s new about Valio and why is it special?

  • A novel security architecture (CPIT) removes the need for trust between managers and depositors
  • Omnichain - managers get access to platforms on multiple networks, such as 0x on Ethereum, GMX on Arbitrum and many others. Built on Layer0
  • Seamless omnichain user experience

Who is Valio for?

  • Traders of any experience level who want to build a public track record
  • Seasoned and well known traders looking to monetise their following
  • Funds and asset managers seeking secure on-chain infrastructure and access to capital
  • Anyone looking to earn real returns by allocating capital to traders and asset managers
  • DAOs looking to diversify their treasuries
  • Anyone looking to discover new trading talent early

Valio is stacking together the value of asset management, the advantages of bringing it on-chain, and the versatility of omnichain, all in an intuitive and secure platform. Traders will have all the tools necessary to build an on-chain track record and monetize their expertise, while investors, treasuries, and funds will be able to find vaults that fit their specific goals.


Registration year: 2022

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