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Blue Frontiers is decentralizing governance by launching a seasteading industry that will provide humanity with new opportunities for organizing more innovative societies and dynamic governments.

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What is Varyon by Blue Frontiers

Blue Frontiers vision - centralization is currently the main management model. The excessive centralization of power leads to an inefficient bureaucracy and the separation of its representatives from the people they are called upon to serve. Subject to the availability of a suitable technological solution, governments are ready for decentralization.

The system dedicates decentralization beyond the digital world to the real world, offering modular floating structures-systems, within which new societies and forms of governance can begin to develop. Emerging successful models can be physically separated, creating new systems with a high level of population involvement and an increased rate of adaptation.

The goal of Blue Frontiers - when houses and businesses can freely swim in places that users choose by themselves, the company can relatively easily change the structure of cities and change their residence. Governments will no longer have a monopoly on the space where citizens live or conduct business activities. Instead, they will act as service providers, competing with each other to attract citizens and businesses. As a consequence, we will have a constantly evolving market of governments in a decentralized world.

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