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Vemate is the most versatile and dynamic application on the market which supplies trading analysis tools, market information, fractional and tokenised NFT trading as well as the only fully integrated Crypto – NFT bridging marketplace.

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Project industryData Analytics
Product typeApp
FoundedUnited Kingdom
WhitepaperVemate White Paper Open

What is Vemate

Vemate LTD is established and run by a team of accomplished professionals in the fields of Economics, Finance, IT Development, Marketing, Blockchain, Machine Learning, Big Data Analysis and NFT development. Using the skills we have acquired over many years in our respective fields we are determined to bring NFT analysing, minting and trading to a level which enables anybody to enter the market.

We’re building the ultimate NFT analysis, minting and trading platform on the market.

The Vemate app will start off modestly. However, with every function release, it will bring unique features to the market that will give you a competitive advantage over your peers who use competing applications.

Phase 1

  • Fastest VEVE data acquisition
  • Unique features to supercharge digital collectibles trading
  • MVP app launch before fundraising

Phase 2

  • Guided NFT learning, minting, trading and analysis
  • Fractionalised and tokenised volume NFT trading
  • Lowering of NFT market entrance threshold


IDO (GemPad Launchpad): Oct 04, 2022 - Oct 16, 2022
IDO (PinkSale Launchpad): Oct 14, 2022 - Oct 23, 2022
IEO (Gate Launchpad): Oct 24, 2022 - Oct 25, 2022
Token supply: 150,000,000 VMT


Registration country: United Kingdom
Registration year: 2022
Office address: 4th Floor, Silverstream House, 45 Fitzroy Street, Fitzrovia, London, W1T 6EB

Token info

Ticker: VMT
Type: Utility-token
Token distribution:
Presale - 25.49%
Burning - 9.50%
Token Liquidity and Listing fees - 20%
PrivateSale - 10%
Marketing - 10%
Team - 8%
Reserve for CEX listing and development - 9.5%
Staking, Partnerships, Referrals and Airdrops - 7.5%

Vemate Roadmap

April 2022

Launch of Phase 1 MVP mobile app. Private Sale of VMT token.

May - June 2022

Trickle release of Vemate Phase 1 app functions.

July - October 2022

Full rollout of complete Phase 1 application. Phase 2 development commencement. Presale & listing of VMT token.

November 2022

Beginning of Phase 2 features rollout. Alpha Informational module equivalent to CoinMarketCap, but for NFTs.

December 2022

Continuation of Phase 2 features rollout. Alpha Analysis module equivalent to TradingView but for NFTs with some traditional crypto analysis capability for tokenised fractional NFT trading.

January 2023

Continuation of Phase 2 features rollout. Continuous testing of the Informational and Analysis modules to roll out the full version to the public.

February - May 2023

Trickle rollout of full NFT Marketplace features. Launch of NFT marketplace which will enable minting, trading, fractionalising and tokenising NFTs for artists who fulfil a strict set of criteria.

Project team

Andrei Chejneanu
Andrei Chejneanu
Andrei Chejneanu linkedin
Romina Anastasescu
Romina Anastasescu
Vemate US Ambassador
Romina Anastasescu linkedin
Adrian Chifu
Adrian Chifu
Multimedia Artist - Designer, Illustrator
Adrian Chifu linkedin
Carmen Tihoc
Carmen Tihoc
UI/UX Designer
Carmen Tihoc linkedin
Claudiu Dorobantu
Claudiu Dorobantu
Sales and Communication
Claudiu Dorobantu linkedin
Khalid Ishtiaque
Khalid Ishtiaque
UI/UX Interface Designer
Khalid Ishtiaque linkedin
Laura Chejneanu
Laura Chejneanu
Project Marketing Coordinator
Laura Chejneanu linkedin
Roman Pitetskyi
Roman Pitetskyi
Project Manager
Roman Pitetskyi linkedin
Md Abu Kausar
Md Abu Kausar
Software Engineer, Blockchain
Md Abu Kausar linkedin
Md Niamul Hasan
Md Niamul Hasan
Front End Developer
Md Niamul Hasan linkedin
Milton Bhowmick
Milton Bhowmick
Software Engineer, Blockchain
Milton Bhowmick linkedin
Mostafizur Rahman
Mostafizur Rahman
Mobile Application Developer
Mostafizur Rahman linkedin
Naeem Siddique
Naeem Siddique
Full Stack Web Developer
Naeem Siddique linkedin
Oleg Pigozin
Oleg Pigozin
Graphic Web Designer
Sadiqur Rahman Sohel
Sadiqur Rahman Sohel
Software Engineer, Senior Blockchain Developer
Sadiqur Rahman Sohel linkedin
Sanwarul Haque Sourav
Sanwarul Haque Sourav
Mobile Application Developer, Blockchain
Sanwarul Haque Sourav linkedin
Shehryar Ali
Shehryar Ali
Technical Consultant, Machine Learning Engineer
Shehryar Ali linkedin
Sornali Dolna
Sornali Dolna
Software QA Engineer
Sornali Dolna linkedin
Stefan Fusarea
Stefan Fusarea
Social Media Specialist
Stefan Fusarea linkedin


Alexandru Carbunariu
Alexandru Carbunariu
Crypto Adviser
Alexandru Carbunariu linkedin
Andrei Marin
Andrei Marin
Information Technology Consultant | Marketing Adviser
Andrei Marin linkedin
Amir Mubarak
Amir Mubarak
Senior Full Stack Web Developer
Amir Mubarak linkedin
Bogdan Neagu
Bogdan Neagu
Blockchain Developer and Advisor
Bogdan Neagu linkedin
Crypto Adviser
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