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VolAir is a blockchain-based private jet charter & luxury lifestyle platform.

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Project industryTransport
Product typePlatform

What is VolAir

The upcoming VolAir app will give offers to private jet rates. The more VOL tokens users hold in their wallets and choose to spend with VolAir partners, the more benefits they get. Rewards are issued in VOL tokens, which can either be exchanged for fiat, flights, or staked in users' integrated VOL wallets to achieve a higher tier and receive further benefits.

If VolAir customers choose to allow their data to be shared with VolAir partners, partners will receive advanced sales analytics, to help them better understand how to reach those customers. Customers will be rewarded in VOL tokens in exchange for their data.


Pre-sales: Jul 01, 2018 - Jul 31, 2018
Pre-sale token supply: 75,000,000
Token supply: 175,000,000
Hard cap: 28,530,000 USD(fiat)


Country limitations: China, United States, South Korea,

Token info

Ticker: VOL
Type: Utility-token
Token price in USD: 1 VOL = 0.044396 USD
Accepted currencies: ETH
Token distribution:
45% - Main Sale
25% - Partnerships
15% - Private Sale
15% - Founders
5% - Advisors
Funds allocation:
25% - Development
15% - Marketing
35% - Sales & Partnerships
15% - Hiring
10% - Operations

VolAir Roadmap

May 2018

- Advisor & Initial partner outreach / on-boarding

- Commence Smart contract & application/ wallet development

June 2018

- Publish WP

- Increase Marketing / Main Sale build up strategy

- Initial Pre Sale conversations

July 2018

- Pre Sale Raise

- Main Sale marketing execution

- Further Development support on-boarding

September 2018

- Main Sale offering

- v1 application wallet release

- Commence work on v2 application

October 2018

- Distribution of tokens

- Exchange Listing

- Grow partner network

- Establish regional bases

November 2018

- Introduce tiered model to loyalty program

- Introduce further benefits to customers

December 2018

- Release of v2.0 application with new model & new smart contracts for

- Partner integration with new system

February 2019

- Concierge adding and further partners for customers

- Team growth, scale and ambassador program

Project team

Ross Jones
Ross Jones
Ross Jones twitter
Krzysztof Kowalski
Krzysztof Kowalski
Founder and CTO
Krzysztof Kowalski twitter
Martin Laukkanen
Martin Laukkanen
SVP Engineering
Martin Laukkanen linkedin
Ivan Brenko
Ivan Brenko
Senior Blockchain Developer
Mohamed Munjed
Mohamed Munjed
Middle East Advisor -Jet Smarter
Mohamed Munjed linkedin
Troy Gibson
Troy Gibson
NEtjets VP- Aviation Tech Advisor
Troy Gibson linkedin
Eliana Densow
Eliana Densow
Marketing & Community manager
Eliana Densow linkedin
Nikolay Shkilev
Nikolay Shkilev
Nikolay Shkilev linkedin
Phillip Nunn
Phillip Nunn
Marketing Advisor
Phillip Nunn twitter
Vladimir Nikitin
Vladimir Nikitin
Vladimir Nikitin linkedin

Social media

VolAir web-siteVolAir TelegramVolAir InstagramVolAir LinkedInVolAir TwitterVolAir FacebookVolAir Github

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