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Upcoming ICO
Token sale: Jul 01, 2020 – Sep 28, 2020

The WINBIX marketplace aims to create a new channel for sales, allowing participants to sell goods at the demand prices at any time.

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Project industry Other
Product type Marketplace
Founded Russian Federation


The WINBIX System is designed to create a new sales channel that would make it possible for the Seller to sell the products with maximum efficiency and for the Buyer to buy for a reasonable price.

The System operation is based on the Dutch Auction principle, i. e. constant reduction in the product price until the products are sold or until the stop price level is achieved.

The System features include (please note that some reverse auction features constitute intellectual property of the Project):

  • Minimum price per each lot is determined randomly subject to the minimum price corridor established by the Seller, i. e. the minimum price per each lot is different and the value thereof remains unknown to the Buyer
  • Price reduction increment is determined randomly, in the range of previous price and stop price; thus, each subsequent price value remains unknown to the Buyer
  • Time interval for the price reduction is set by the Seller for every item
  • Stock balance is unavailable to the Buyer, each lot (item) may be the last one
  • Opportunity to create quotations for Sellers and, if approved, to purchase products at the desired price
  • There is an established direct correlation between the Seller’s sale costs and the quality of provided services
  • Settlement of disputes by arbitration involving Sellers, Buyers and the System
  • Buyer can set any price value at which the System should notify the Buyer. This information is available to the Seller and provides an opportunity to forecast demand at different price levels
  • DAICO performance enabling the investor’s maximum protection
  • Creating and financing the SECURITY smart contract (Ethereum security unit)
  • Buyback and destruction of tokens at fixed prices through the BUYBACK smart contract
  • Issue of personal WBX tokens (ERC-20)
  • Advantages

    For the Seller

  • Extra profit from sell-outs due to uniform distribution of sales along the "price" axis;
  • Each item is sold at а currently fair price;
  • If necessary, prompt disposal of the stock balance (stocks) by adjusting the price reduction time;
  • An option of adjusting the sales volume by changing the “stop price” range;
  • Marketing activities – focusing the audience’s attention on priority positions (sale of products not including any “stop prices”);
  • Buyer feedback (“price reduction notice” tag) that makes it possible to forecast demand in case of changes in the price lower limit. The Seller will know the number of Buyers ready to purchase the products and the relevant prices for every position. For example, 10 persons are ready to buy a certain pan model for RUB 2,000 while 200 persons can buy it for RUB 1,300.
  • For the Buyer

  • An opportunity to purchase products at the desired price. Even if the products price drops to the “stop price” level and this level is unacceptable, the minimum price will be different at the next bidding stage (either higher or lower). Further, it is not excluded that the products could be attributed to the “sales without stop price” category. To maintain control over the position, it would be necessary to set the tag “send price reduction notice.”
  • For the System

  • The content is being updated constantly due to price changes influencing the resource traffic;
  • Non-linear price changes draw the Buyer’s attention to each stage of price reduction.
  • Other advantages

  • Correlation of the Seller’s costs and quality of services. How can the Buyer influence mala fide sellers now? Write a bad review and refuse from buying from them, and this is all the feedback you can provide currently. With our System, the Buyer will rate their “satisfaction level” per each transaction, influencing the amount of commission directly paid by the Seller.
  • Independent arbitration system: opportunity for the System members to act as arbitrators on occurrence of any disputes.
  • Consumer/Buyer communication intended to increase the quality of provided services: if necessary, the Seller will be able to obtain a detailed assessment of the quality of works.
  • Receipt of information from the Buyers about price expectations per each item, including quantitative assessment of such expectations by the Seller: usually, the Seller can only assume what the possible sale volumes could be, while making any discounts. In our case, the Seller will obtain exact figures for notice requests at each price level, per each item.
  • Due to the Buyers’ ability to make quotations for Sellers, the Sellers will have an opportunity of assessing instant liquidity of stock balances, whereas the Buyers will have an additional opportunity of purchasing products at a reasonable price.
  • Project access available to many persons interested in the Project development and securing return on investments.
  • Blockchain and WINBIX

    All data about transactions concluded through the WINBIX sales system will be kept in Ethereum (Events) blockchain, so that all participants involved in the process could be sure of performance of the declared conditions.

    It is of prime importance to:

  • Sellers – on calculation of the commission fees amount;
  • Buyers – on calculation of ratings;
  • holders of the System tokens – option of checking calculation of the amount of tokens subject to buyback/burn and credit of funds to the smart contract “SECURITY”.
  • Details

    Pre-sale token supply: 27,500,000 WBX
    Token supply: 155,000,000 WBX
    Total tokens for sale: 182,500,000 WBX
    Soft cap: 37,500,000 WBX
    Hard cap: 150,000,000 WBX


    Blockchain Platform: Ethereum
    Country limitations: USA
    Registration country: Estonia
    Registration year: 2019
    Office address: Russia, Republic of Karelia, Petrozavodsk, Baltiyskaya street 5B, office 2
    Peterburi tee, 47 11415, Tallinn, Estonia


    Social media: 22
    Bitcoin talk signature campaign: 15
    Other: 60

    Token info

    Ticker: WBX
    Type: Utility-token
    Token standard: ERC20
    Token price in ETH: 1 WBX = 0.00055 ETH
    Accepted currencies: ETH
    Funds allocation:
    60% — marketing expenses for advertising the platform outside of Russia
    18% — compensation for financing losses in case a part of the participants leave the project (formed from TAP). If, by the end of the funding based on the DAICO smart contract, there is unencumbered balance, it will be used for marketing expenses for advertising outside of Russia
    10% — operational expenses related to maintenance of activity of the trade platform
    5% — platform development funding
    3% — marketing research
    2% — legal backing of the development process
    2% — reserve

    Offices on the map

    WINBIX (WBX) DAICO Roadmap

    DECEMBER 2016

    Idea stage


    development of the algorithm for the auction


    team building, budget planning


    development and testing of the website, trading platform, payments system and other components of the WINBIX project


    marketing research and search for suppliers

    JUNE 2018 – MARCH 2019

    preparation for the PreDAICO

    APRIL – JUNE 2019



    fine tuning of the trading platform, search for sellers

    OCTOBER 2019

    launch of the marketplace in Russia



    OCTOBER 2020

    launch of the marketplace in Southeast Asia

    OCTOBER 2021

    start of operations in the USA and EU

    Project team

    Co-Founder / Chief Executive Officer in WINBIX (WBX) DAICO - 1
    Generalov Alexey
    Co-Founder / Chief Executive Officer
    Chief Marketing Officer in WINBIX (WBX) DAICO - 2
    Krasnianskii Evgenii
    Chief Marketing Officer
    Co-Founder / Investor in WINBIX (WBX) DAICO - 3
    Li Roman
    Co-Founder / Investor
    Co-Founder / Chief Technical Officer in WINBIX (WBX) DAICO - 4
    Volkov Konstantin
    Co-Founder / Chief Technical Officer
    Lead Developer in WINBIX (WBX) DAICO - 5
    Vinogradov Stanislav
    Lead Developer
    Fullstack Web Developer / Smart Contract Developer in WINBIX (WBX) DAICO - 6
    Dezhurko Mikhail
    Fullstack Web Developer / Smart Contract Developer
    Marketing Specialist in WINBIX (WBX) DAICO - 7
    Nikonova Olesya
    Marketing Specialist
    PR Specialist in WINBIX (WBX) DAICO - 8
    Morozova Olga
    PR Specialist

    Social media

    Web-site Reddit Medium YouTube Telegram Instagram btctalk LinkedIn Twitter Facebook github



    User rating:

    5/5 ( 1 )

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