Winner Block – Daily and Weekly Transparent Prizes

Winner Block

The online industry keeps changing as players are demanding the best, most secure and most transparent gaming experience. That is exactly what Winner Block is looking to provide them with as this decentralized platform is on the verge of revolutionizing online gaming.

There are tons of benefits that players will be provided with at Winner Block and that is the reason why this platform is gaining such momentum.

Daily and Weekly Prizes are In-Store for Everyone

To start, there are three WCards at Winner Block – Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each day, numerous small rewards will be given to players. Not only that, but Winner Block is determined to reward everyone as players don’t need to guess 4 numbers to win a prize. They can collect a prize even if they guess just 1 number.

The cross-platform app makes it easy to play on desktop devices, mobile phones and tablets and apart from the daily prizes, players can compete for the Big Jackpot, which drops once a week. Here’s the best part about it – Winner Block makes sure to reward players and contribute in other areas.

That’s due to the fact that the jackpot distribution is transparent and keeps everyone in the loop. Winners get 70% of the total amount that is minted on the app, but there’s also 10% in store for the team, 10% for holders and finally – 10% goes to charity.

That’s right, Winner Block is also determined to help those in need, which is why it saves a portion of the jackpot distribution for charity causes.

WBlock Token

To make things even better, Winner Block has its own token which allows players to enter its ecosystem, work, purchase NFTs and more. Once the presale period is over, the WBlock token will be available publicly on Pancakeswap.

WBlock is used in all of Winner Block’s ecosystem, it comes without any additional fees and 2% of it is burned on transactions.

Make The Best Use of the Presale Period

The total supply of WBlock tokens at Winner Block is 100 billion. However, the platform organized a presale period which will last until June 20, and during this period, players will have the chance to obtain the first 30 billion tokens.

Participants in the presale period will be given a Founders Edition, which allows them to play in the unique Founders Draw and will give them future exclusive benefits. Participants will also receive a Founders Edition NFT which will allow them to have virtual benefits for life and participate in the first exclusive draw.

Winner Block’s presale period is essential to the successful launch of the Winner Block Dapp. The platform will secure the future of valuing WBlocks via token vesting for those who would take more than $10,000 in WBlocks

Enjoy Winner Block – A Decentralized Online Gaming Platform

Winner Block is definitely looking to revolutionize the way we look at fair and transparent gaming. Thanks to the fact that this platform relies on blockchain technology, players will be provided with several key benefits.

That includes higher security, trust, data traceability, as well as fast and efficient payments. Not only can players enjoy the games safely, but Winner Block’s system also allows them to invest in a solid and reliable economy.

The cross-platform app features 3 WCards levels, each of which comes with its own prices and jackpot rewards. All winnings are transferred instantly and players do not have to worry about banks taking too long to process their funds.

Not only that, but they can rest knowing that their winnings are not just contributing to them, but to other individuals and charitable organizations from around the world.

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    Nice project, they are right now in presale and you can get the token at best price

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