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Wisdomise is a Swiss-regulated AI-powered investment platform. Achieving this goal will be one step ahead towards “democratizing wealth creation”, improving financial inclusion globally and making everyone a better investor.

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Project industryAI & Neural Networks
Product typePlatform
WhitepaperWisdomise White Paper Open

What is Wisdomise

Leverage AI For Crypto Investments Using Our Auto Trader And Signaler.

Wisdomise addresses these issues head-on with a multifaceted approach designed to democratize financial prosperity:

  • Reducing Information Asymmetry: Wisdomise aims to bridge knowledge gaps among its users by curating and structuring intelligence, making complex financially-oriented data more accessible and understandable.
  • Harnessing Collective Wisdom: Leveraging the “wisdom of crowds” principle, the platform aims to benefit all users by pooling collective insights for individual gain.
  • Employing Cutting-edge Technology: Through the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Conversational Finance (CF), Wisdomise facilitates more effective and profitable engagement with financial markets.

The platform caters to a diverse audience, including:

  • Finance/Crypto Enthusiasts: Users with a sharp interest in monetary markets receive synthesized and visually engaging content such as news, market sentiment analyses, and educational materials.
  • Passive Investors: Those who prefer to invest without active involvement can access a variety of financial products developed by Wisdomise or third-party developers, aimed at generating passive income.
  • Active Investors: For users actively engaging with the markets, Wisdomise offers advanced tools and data, including premium signals, portfolio optimization, and real-time strategy building and backtesting capabilities.


IDO (ChainGPT Pad): TBA - TBA
IDO (SingularityDAO Launchpad): May 10, 2024 - May 11, 2024
IDO (Seedify Launchpad): May 06, 2024 - May 07, 2024
Token supply: 1,000,000,000 WSDM
Hard cap: 600,000 USD


Blockchain Platform: Polygon
Registration country: Switzerland
Registration year: 2022
Office address: Neuhofstrasse 5A 6340 Baar Switzerland

Token info

Ticker: WSDM
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: ERC-20
Token price in USD: 1 WSDM = 0.02 USD
Token distribution:
Seed Round - 5%
Angel Round - 4%
Strategic Round - 10%
KOL Round - 1%
Public Launch - 8%
Marketing & Incentives - 20%
Liquidity - 5%
Ecosystem & Partnerships - 17%
Treasury Fund - 10%
Technical Fund - 7%
AI Innovation Fund - 8%
Team - 17%
Advisors - 5%

Wisdomise Roadmap

Q3 2022
  • Closed-loop, Beta launch of the Financial Products Catalog
  • First set of stabilized/optimized Al strategies on BTC and ETH
Q4 2022
  • Second release of the Financial Products Catalog with a fully automated Al trading system
  • Automated Al strategies on 7 more coins, both Spot and Futures
Q1 2023
  • Closed - loop, Beta launch of Athena
  • Integration of Athena and AI trading strategies
Q2 2023
  • Second release of Athena with innovative interactive widgets
  • Integration of DeFi and on-chain data into Athena
Q3 2023
  • Public launch of Wisdomise platform, including Athena and Financical Products Catalog
  • Wisdomise Telegram bot
Q4 2023
  • Subscription plan on Wisdomise platform plus token utilities activated on it
  • Introduction of the unified, integrated dashboard ("My dashboard")
  • Beta release of the Strategy Builder and intelligence Library
  • First set of Execution/Automation features on Athena
Q1 2024
  • Public launch of Wisdomise Marketplace with third-party strategists and intelligence providers
  • $WSDM token public round (TGE)
  • Closed-loop release of proprietary AI strategis on non-crypto asset classes (mainly commodities)
  • Wisdomise offerings integrated into third-party apps/platforms and in more languages
Q2 2024
  • First set of ecosystem partners integration into Wisdomise platform
  • Public release of non-crypto structured / TradFi products
  • Expansion to Forex and Equity markets
  • Integration into major Defi protocols and dApps (via Athena and the Financial Products Catalog)

Project team

Fardad Zand
Fardad Zand
Co-Founder, CEO
Fardad Zand linkedin
Co-Founder, CMO
AJ linkedin
Arash Farahani
Arash Farahani
Arash Farahani linkedin
Mohammad Mahini
Mohammad Mahini
Mohammad Mahini linkedin
Carol Chung
Carol Chung
Community Manager
Carol Chung linkedin


Gerry Tsoukalas
Gerry Tsoukalas
Gerry Tsoukalas linkedin
Professor, Brett
Professor, Brett
Pierre Samaties
Pierre Samaties
Pierre Samaties linkedin
Feroz Sanaulla
Feroz Sanaulla
Feroz Sanaulla linkedin
Noah Axler
Noah Axler
Noah Axler linkedin
Professor, Marshall
Professor, Marshall
Professor, Marshall linkedin

Social media

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