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XRADERS stands as an AI crypto insights platform dedicated to empowering investors with informed decision-making. Through curated insights from experts, XRADERS equips users with the knowledge needed to navigate the complex world of crypto investments confidently.

Seed Round: $2.1 Million

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Project industryAI & Neural Networks
Product typePlatform
WhitepaperXraders White Paper Open

What is Xraders

At XRADERS, we prioritize empowering users with reliable information and guidance through curated expert insights. Our platform provides a secure and dependable environment for user interactions, leveraging a blend of social price prediction, gamification elements, and a community-driven cycle.


XRADERS's mission is to empower users with the tools and insights they need to make informed decisions in the cryptocurrency market. Through our unique and interactive platform, we strive to facilitate market success and empower both novice and experienced traders to navigate the complexities of cryptocurrency trading with confidence.


XRADERS's vision is to empower users of all levels by providing a transparent platform and curated expert insights, revolutionizing the cryptocurrency market.


IDO (Ape Terminal Launchpad): Jul 09, 2024 - Jul 11, 2024
IEO (Gate Launchpad): Jul 09, 2024 - Jul 11, 2024
Token supply: 100,000,000 XR
Raised: 2,100,000 USD


Registration year: 2023

Token info

Ticker: XR
Type: Utility-token
Token price in USD: 1 XR = 0.35 USD
Token distribution:
Pre-Seed - 6%
Seed - 6.5%
Private - 1.5%
Strategic - 1%
Ecosystem - 25%
Marketing - 20%
Team - 20%
Advisor - 15%
Liquidity - 5%

Xraders Roadmap

Q2 2023: Introduction of Guess2Earn
  • Launch of Guess2Earn for Bitcoin price prediction
  • Combines entertainment with practical crypto trading insights
Q3 2023: Leaderboard and Rewards System
  • Implementation of a competitive leaderboard in the G2E.
  • Rewards in CLX tokens for active players
  • Boost in on-chain transaction data for ecosystem robustness
Q4 2023: Community Engagement and Knowledge Sharing
  • Advanced leaderboard tracking for expert players
  • Referral program initiation to expand the user base
Q1 2024: GTM - Beginning of Genesis Airdrop
  • Start of Genesis Airdrop: (Jan-Mar 2024), distribution in April
  • Launch of Daily Check-in feature
  • Upgrade in Referral program
Q2 2024: User-driven Voting System and XP Airdrop
  • Launch of Expert Voting System
  • New XR Usecase: Guess2Earn Special Round
  • Guess2Earn Win-Streak challenge
  • Introduction of Expert Badge system
Q3 2024: Launch of Expert Feed
  • Launch of Expert Insight Feed
  • Expert leaderboard renewal
Q4 2024: Introduction of XR Trading
  • Enhanced user interface and real-time market analytics
  • Introduction of 'XR Trading v1.0'
  • Integration with cryptocurrency exchanges
Q1 2025: Strategic Expansion and Community Engagement
  • Auto-invest feature
  • Community trading contest
  • New community leveling system
Q2 2025: AI Curation and WEB3 Identity
  • AI Expert insight curation
  • Implementation of Digital Identity

Project team

Jeffrey Jin
Jeffrey Jin
CEO & Cofounder
Jeffrey Jin linkedin
Rachel Jang
Rachel Jang
Co-CEO & Cofounder
Rachel Jang linkedin
Andy Kim
Andy Kim
CTO & Cofounder
Andy Kim linkedin
Chris Kang
Chris Kang
CSO & Cofounder
Chris Kang linkedin

Social media

Xraders web-siteXraders MediumXraders TelegramXraders LinkedInXraders X (Twitter)Xraders DiscordXraders Github

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