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Y8U.ai is a Web3 protocol designed for the creation and decentralized storage of digital clones, emphasizing user content and privacy.

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Project industryAI & Neural Networks
Product typeProtocol
WhitepaperY8U AI White Paper Open

What is Y8U AI

Y8u.ai is the first project to be launched within the Humans.AI ecosystem, the first AI blockchain.

Y8U stands to revolutionize the way media is produced in the age of AI automation, providing innovative mechanics that allow users, artists and creators to create, store and monetize digital clones of themselves.

Y8U.AI is a native decentralized protocol built on top of the Humans blockchain that combines content-addressable storage with smart contract-based consent management, allowing users to control how their traits, encoded as protected data NFTs (and ranging from voice recordings, face scans and beyond) are processed by AI Miners. The protocol ensures data integrity and security through encryption and offers a scalable, efficient solution for ethical AI development. Through processing via the AI Miners, the resulting AI NFTs, containing AI models of their traits (voice, face etc) will be part of a multifaceted Digital DNA that aims to replicate as much of the user in the digital space, forever immortalized on the blockchain.

The AI Miners will be compensated with y8u tokens based on AI model fidelity and demand via our Genomic Consensus.


IDO (Ape Terminal Launchpad): Apr 08, 2024 - Apr 16, 2024
Token supply: 1,000,000,000 Y8U
Hard cap: 825,000 USD


Blockchain Platform: Humans
Registration year: 2024

Token info

Ticker: Y8U
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: ERC-20
Token price in USD: 1 Y8U = 0.02 USDC
Token distribution:
Private Sale - 2%
Strategic Sale 1 - 2.5%
Strategic Sale 2 - 1%
Ape Terminal - 0.5%
Airdrop - 0.5%
Team - 10%
Marketing - 9.5%
Treasury - 10%
Development - 10%
AI mining - 10%
Liquidity, Exchanges & MM - 8%
Ecosystem - 36%

Y8U AI Roadmap

January 2024

Voice Models

March 2024

Private Sale

Public Sale

April 2024


Social media

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