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AIRBLOCK (ABL) is decentralized data exchange platform. How do I get to see the products I searched on ads? Your personal information such as search history, location, app installs are being compromised at this moment. Some apps even illegally monetize personal data to advertising agencies. But sadly, to the data owner, nothing is rewarded in return. Submit your interest data on AIRBLOC via AIRBLOC Main Client Service. When this data is sold to advertisers and used at AIRBLOC Data Marketplace, rewards will be given to users. With more data provided, and with better data quality, there will be greater rewards returned to users. Ads are displayed according to user’s interest data, and AIRBLOC can offer various ad configuration settings. Advertisers can reach out to those who might actually be interested in its products and/or services. At the same time, users will view preferred ads as a useful type of information.

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Project industryBig Data & Data Storage
Product typePlatform


AIRBLOC protects individuals’ data privacy, rewards Data Providers and provides full data transparency and traceability.

AIRBLOC users can directly submit data to the blockchain data supply chain.

AIRBLOC users can track and control their data transactions, as well as monetize their own data.

AIRBLOC users cannot influence the type of ads they receive, they become passive advertisement consumers as they cannot control preferred ad types.

AIRBLOC users will receive revenues generated from actual data usage or sales. During this process, a middle-party intervention is impossible, and the majority of revenue generated will be returned to AIRBLOC users, while a minimum level of revenue required for network operation will be charged.

When a Data Consumer cannot find a desired data set on the AIRBLOC Data Marketplace, they can run data campaigns on AIRBLOC to find the specific data type they are looking for.

AIRBLOC offers two types of tokens. One is the AIRBLOC (ABL), and the other is AIRBLOC Reward (AIR). ABL is a transferable ERC20 token, and AIR is a non-transferrable token belonging to Users, but can later be converted into ABL on a 1:1 ratio.


Pre-sales: May 21, 2018 - May 29, 2018
Public sales: Jun 19, 2018 - Jun 29, 2018
Token supply: 221,450,000 ABL
Soft cap: 7,000 ETH
Hard cap: 20,000 ETH
Raised: 7517 ETH


Country limitations: USA, North Korea, China
Registration country: Singapore

Token info

Ticker: ABL
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: ERC-20
Token price in USD: 1 ABL = 1.0E-5 USD
Accepted currencies: ETH
Bonus program:
15% bonus on pre-sale
Token distribution:
29.3% - Public Sale
15.2% - Pre Sale
10.9% - Private Sale
20.1% - Users reward
13.3% - Team
4.5% - Advisors
4.5% - Reserve
2.2% - Research
Funds allocation:
45% - Ecosystem Development and Maintenance Operation
55% - Development related to Airbloc Main Marketplace and Main Client Service


November, 2015

Establishment of a Search Engine Company - Where our Research Journey on Big Data Started.

July, 2016

Changed Orientation towards an Ad-Tech Company - The Beginning of Massive Data Collection.

June, 2017

A People-based Analytics and R&D for Technology.

October, 2017

New Business Development on DMP and Blockchain.

March, 2018

Publication of White Paper and Pre-Sale of DMP Token.

June, 2018

Release of AIRBLOC Network Test Net.

September, 2018

Release of AIRBLOC Pilot Version.

1Q, 2019

[AIRBLOC Network Milestone 0] Release of AIRBLOC v1.0 Phase 1: Transaction of direct and/or indirect interest data (Ad Data Network).

1Q, 2019

[AIRBLOC Network Milestone 1].

2Q, 2019

[AIRBLOC Network Milestone 2] Release of AIRBLOC Network v2.0 Phase 2: Advertiser-led Campaigns (Ad Data Network + Ad Network).

Project team

Roi Nam
Roi Nam
CEO & Co-founder
Roi Nam linkedin
Wonkyung Lyu
Wonkyung Lyu
Dev Team Lead & Co-founder
Wonkyung Lyu linkedin
Hunjae Jung
Hunjae Jung
Back-end Part Lead & Co-founder
Hunjae Jung linkedin
Naeun Kim
Naeun Kim
Design Team Lead PM & Co-founder
Naeun Kim linkedin
Hyojun Kim
Hyojun Kim
Blockchain Software Engineer
Hyojun Kim linkedin
Byeongsu Hong
Byeongsu Hong
Blockchain Software EngineeR
Woojung Kim
Woojung Kim
Front-end Part Lead
Woojung Kim linkedin
Jaewan Lee
Jaewan Lee
Mobile Software Engineer
Jaewan Lee linkedin
Chanhee Lee
Chanhee Lee
Front-end Software Engineer
Chanhee Lee linkedin
Yunseop Song
Yunseop Song
Back-end Software Engineer
Yunseop Song linkedin
Seonggun Ahn
Seonggun Ahn
Customer Growth Part Lead
Seonggun Ahn linkedin
Hyungchul Park
Hyungchul Park
Back-end Software Engineer
Hyungchul Park linkedin
Jinwook Jo
Jinwook Jo
QA Engineer
Jinwook Jo linkedin
Juhong Jung
Juhong Jung
Back-end Software Engineer
Juhong Jung linkedin
Jinyoung Seok
Jinyoung Seok
Mobile Software Engineer
Jinyoung Seok linkedin
Hotaek Won
Hotaek Won
UI Designer
Hotaek Won linkedin
Jaemoon Lee
Jaemoon Lee
Customer Growth Manager
Jaemoon Lee linkedin
Yongwon Choi
Yongwon Choi
Business Growth Manager
Yongwon Choi linkedin
Sungho Song
Sungho Song
Back-end Software Engineer
Sungho Song linkedin
Hyungmin Kim
Hyungmin Kim
Brand Designer
Hyungmin Kim linkedin
Kyoungmin Jung
Kyoungmin Jung
Mobile Part Lead
Kyoungmin Jung linkedin


Louis Jinhwa Kim
Louis Jinhwa Kim
Serial Entrepreneur & Blockchain Evangelist
Louis Jinhwa Kim linkedin
Jason Han
Jason Han
CEO, Kakao Blockchain Subsidiary
Sungjae Hwang
Sungjae Hwang
Serial Entrepreneur, Blockchain Evangelist
Sean Lee
Sean Lee
Digital Transformation Strategist and Investor
Sean Lee linkedin
Seo Wooseok
Seo Wooseok
Data-driven Technical Entrepreneur & Growth Hacker
Seo Wooseok linkedin
Ken J. Kim
Ken J. Kim
Ken J. Kim
Ken J. Kim linkedin
Timothy Yang
Timothy Yang
Chief Strategy Officer, 42 Media Corp.

Social media


User rating:

4/5 ( 14 )

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One Response

  • CryptoShamanMay 27, 2018 at 10:15 am

    About AIRBLOCK

    Did you know that apps such as Clash of Clans bring in over 1.3 billion U.S. dollars of revenue, with over 60% of that being spent on mobile advertising and acquiring data?

    Companies purchase data for a huge variety of reasons for targeted advertising, product improvement, business intelligence and risk mitigation But where do these data come from?

    In today’s data industry, data brokers aggregate your personal data and you have no control over what data you want to provide, nor are you being rewarded for your sharing of this data. You may not know, but data such as, installed app lists, GPS, Google Play in-app purchase is even gathered illegally through the simplest of apps such as battery optimization whether keyboard theme lock screen earn off this breach of privacy.

    AIRBLOC PROTOCOL, powered by a leading Korean big data analytics company ab180 helps you regain data ownership and allow you to monetize your data in a safe and secure manner on the Airbloc Data Marketplace.

    Today, over 300 leading enterprises are using ab180’s data analytics technology. Leveraging on the existing platform created by the Airbloc team, a proprietary SDK will be mounted on top of ab180’s wide range of device network and be catered to a global market of applications and services today. Over 40 million mobile devices – equivalent to over two-thirds of the Korean mobile device population are already part of the Airbloc ecosystem!

    Unlike other blockchain data projects which require a native application, the Airbloc SDK will allow applications with an existing user base to instantly gain increased revenue by enabling their users to legally monetize their data. You can choose to monetize your data, and enterprises interested in acquiring data will purchase and exchange ABL tokens securely with the Users as well as the Application hosting the Airbloc SDK – creating a sustainable data sharing protocol and marketplace.

    Your data is valuable. Regain your data rights today with AIRBLOC PROTOCOL.

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