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AIRTOTO is the world\’s most secure and fair blockchain E-Lottery. AirToto is an Ethereum Blockchain based lottery system offering greater autonomy to participants with crystal clear transparency. Our Financial and Technology innovation promises landscape changes in the e-Lottery ecosystem that benefits one and all i.e Participants, Administration and Us.

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Project industryGambling & Betting
Product typeAsset
FoundedHong Kong

What is AirToto

The Blockchain Advantage For E-Lottery Ecosystem

Research shows that 64% of global lottery sales are concentrated in Europe and North America. This means that there is huge potential and scope in untapped South East Asian markets like China, India, MalaySia, Singapore and Sri Lanka.

In most countries, a portion of lottery revenue is used for public welfare project related primarily to health and education sectors. In island nation like Sri Lanka, a major portion of the president fund as well as consolidated funds comes from lottery sales revenue. President and Consolidated Funds play increasingly important role during disaster reliefs and rehabilitation programmes. It is an important contributing factor in major public sector projects in developing and developed countries.

airtoto Blockchain Lottery will be the flag bearer for ensuring fair play and efficient distribution of part of the sales revenue in government schemes and projects of the respective state or region.

airtoto Blockchain Lottery will facilitate faster cross-border lotteries. All nations today agree on the advantages that blockchain offers over traditional methods/modes of transactions. But cryptocurrency is a debatable concern for many countries across the globe. Keeping the discrepancies in mind, airtoto will offer two forms of e-Lottery.

  • ATT (ERC20 Token) backed airtoto in Jurisdictions that accept Cryptocurrencies.
  • Only Blockchain based airtoto in no-crypto Jurisdictions
  • ATT Token and airtoto Wallet

    ERC20 is a standard Ethereum Blockchain protocol. In simple terms, it is a set of rules that every Ethereum Environment Token must comply with in order to be recognised as standard unit of transactions.

    ATT Token is ERC20 standard token. Participants in the airtoto Lottery can participate in various games using ATT Tokens stored in their personal Crypto Wallets. For participating in the airtoto lottery games, Players/participants can use the airtoto wallet or any third party crypto wallet compatible with ATT Token.

    ATT Token ICO

    ICO or Initial Coin Offering are means for Blockchain startups to cover upfront hardware, technical and development cost of projects. airtoto will also follow the tried and tested ICO-model for fund generation. airtoto will use part of the ICO Fund for Blockchain Integration, airtoto Marketing and Operational costs.

    airtoto Token For Investors

    The Ethereum smart contract for airtoto Tokens will be in line with the Hovey Test terms and conditions. In other jurisdictions, the airtoto transactions will qualify as "investment contracts." This will make airtoto an ERC20 Standard security token. Angel Investors and ICO participants will primary beneficiaries of this feature of the airtoto smart contracts. airtoto promises at least 50% of net profit as dividend to investors.

    airToto App and E-Lottery Games

    Today, traditional lotteries do not carry the same lure that they they did a decade ago. A major reason for this is their monotonous nature and limited reach. Moreover ticket sellers at times have to compensate for unsold tickets which further limits profitability.

    Active E-Lotteries add that much-desired X factor to a traditional lottery setup. But most importantly they attract higher and middle income groups. This in turn has increased profitability for the host and the government alike. While the Active E-Lotteries are of varied types, airtoto will initially offer two categories of Lotto games. These include 4-Digit and 6-Digit e-Lottery. Later on, more exciting games would be added to our product line.

    Players/participants can register and join the games via airtoto App or the airtoto Website. Using the airtoto is recommendable. The reasons for this are:

  • Play Anytime Anywhere.
  • Real Time Analysis of Winnings and Bets.
  • Compatibility with airtoto wallet/FIAT Currency
  • Last but not least, even in jurisdictions where cryptocurrency use is regulated, players can still participate in the lottery using FIAT currencies.
  • Details

    Pre-sales: Dec 15, 2018 - Jan 12, 2019
    Public sales: Jan 13, 2019 - Apr 14, 2019
    Token supply: 240,000,000 ATT
    Total tokens for sale: 210,000,000 ATT
    Soft cap: 300,000 USD
    Hard cap: 10,000,000 USD


    Blockchain Platform: Ethereum
    Country limitations: United States
    Registration country: Hong Kong
    Registration year: 2018

    Token info

    Ticker: ATT
    Type: Cryptocurrency
    Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH
    Bonus program:
    Pre ICO (20%)
    Pre ICO Last (15%)
    ICO (10%)
    Bonus ICO (5%)
    Token distribution:
    70% Sale
    10% Bounties
    5% Advisors
    15% Founders

    AirToto Roadmap

    Nov 2017 – Feb 2018

    Ideation to Drawing Board Discussions On Lottery Game The Cowrie Idea is born Concept Development Based on Blockchain Technology.
    Presenting Idea to Potential Team Members.
    White Paper Preparation Followed By Meetings With Early Investors, Advisors.

    Apr. 2018

    Initiating Application Process for Lottery Games.

    Jun 2018

    Core Team Formation. Meetings With On-board Advisors And Programmers.
    Working On project Strategy And Improvements.

    Aug 2018

    Company Registration In Hong Kong

    8th Dec 2018 - 8th Jan 2019

    Start of Pre-ICO.
    Concurrent Follow Up Meetings With Investors And Marketing Team To Strategise And Evaluate Marketing Strategy And Revenue Models.

    9th Jan 2019 – 8th Mar 2019

    Evaluate Project Pace and Build Next Line of Strategy.
    ICO Second Stage Starts. ATT ICO Token Price Increased to $0.15 USD.
    Refresh Marketing Campaign To Reach Out To New Investors And ICO Enthusiasts.

    9th Mar 2019

    Final ICO Stage starts. ATT ICO token price increases to $0.20

    8th April 2019

    End of The Final ICO Stage. Token Distribution Starts. Tokens Distributed To All ICO Investors.
    Burning All Extra Tokens to 80:20 Distribution Ratio.

    June 2019

    Launching a Minimum Viable Product. Over The Air Delivery to Investors.
    Also Increasing Marketing Activities for Potential New Customers.

    Final Product launch

    Global Product Launch. Greater Impetus On Marketing Campaigns Targeted For The Global Audience.

    Project team

    Dr. Ramkumar
    Dr. Ramkumar
    Founder, CEO, Doctor of philosophy(PhD) (H.C)
    Dr. Ramkumar linkedin
    Dr.Asela Surinda Abeysundera
    Dr.Asela Surinda Abeysundera
    Crypto Hedge Fund Trader
    Kenneth Wong
    Kenneth Wong
    Maciej Micek
    Maciej Micek
    Joseph M P
    Joseph M P
    Cheif Marketing Officer
    Chow Chuen Ying
    Chow Chuen Ying


    Alberto de Luca
    Alberto de Luca
    Crypto analyst and CTO Intellensense
    Joseph Anton Albert Indrajit
    Joseph Anton Albert Indrajit
    Political Consultant
    Financial Consultant

    Social media

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