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AWAX is a digital bridge to connect most advanced and demanding financial services with cryptocurrency world.

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Project industryFinance Services & Banking
Product typePlatform
FoundedUnited Kingdom
WhitepaperAWAX White Paper Open
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What is AWAX

AWAX is building a platform on which users can purchase real world assets using crypto currency. The main target of AWAX system is to keep user asset secured by decentralizing all assets while maintaining their indices within the platform. Creation of AWAX club, AWAX social platform, AWAX Tv and News, Tablet PC allow and makes AWAX to create a payment system based on the use of plastic payment cards with an independent social block, promotional system, communication and management. AWAX Tokens are smart contract tokens built to the ERC20 standard. Any operation on the AWAX platform is powered by AWAX tokens.


Pre-sales: Nov 02, 2018 - Dec 15, 2018
Public sales: Jan 15, 2019 - Mar 31, 2019
Token supply: 10,800,000,000 AWAX
Soft cap: 15,000,000 USD
Hard cap: 200,000,000 USD


Blockchain Platform: Ethereum
Registration country: United Kingdom
Office address: One Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London E14 5AB
Kungsgatan 58, 111 22 Stockholm, Sweden
Antonijas iela 8-10, LV-1010 Riga, Latvia

Token info

Ticker: AWAX
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: ERC-20
Token price in USD: 1 AWAX= 0.01 USD
Accepted currencies: ETH, BTC
Bonus program:
July 2 - July 9

AWAX Roadmap

2017 Q1
  • The AWAX Group LTD is founded
  • Registration of AWAX LTD as a legal entity
2017 Q2
  • Platform Idea
  • Started working on MVP of AWAX Blockchain Platform
2018 Q2

Initial Arrangements

  • Team and Development flow planning
  • Company structure formation
  • Getting legal advice
  • Planning
2018 Q3

AWAX Offices in:

  • United Kingdom
  • Sweden
  • China
2018 Q4

ICO Campaigns and Launch of AWAX Forex and Investment Board

  • Pre - ICO 2nd Nov - 15th Dec
  • ICO 15th January 2019
  • Private sales
  • Project promotion
  • Initial Development of next-generation tablets / smartphones
  • AWAX Blockchain Platform Exchange platform V1.0
  • AWAX Blockchain Platform Margin trading V2.0
  • AWAX Blockchain Platform ICO V3.0
  • AWAX Social Network and VoIP
2018 Q4

AWAX Decentralizations

  • AWAX LTD transformation as AWAX PLC
  • AWAX Platform V1.0 / V2.0 / 3.0 - decentralization
  • AWAX Blockchain Platform Merchant V6.0
  • AWAX Blockchain Platform Banking V7.0
  • Launch of the AWAX Debit CARD
  • IT infrastructure / Issue personal IBANs
  • Merchant solution
  • Launch AWAX TV Channel

Platform update:

  • AWAX Blockchain Platform Exchange platform V1.1
  • AWAX Blockchain Platform Margin trading V2.1
  • AWAX Blockchain Platform ICO V3.1
  • AWAX Blockchain Platform Forex V4.1
  • AWAX Blockchain Platform Investment Board V5.1
  • Financial Conduct Authorities License
  • AWAX Blockchain Platform Forex V4.0
  • AWAX Blockchain Platform
  • Investment Board V5.0
  • AWAX desktop and mobile applications
  • White label solution programs
  • Awax Club Card Software
  • Integration in social chat & platform
2019 Q1

AWAX Offices in:

  • Hong Kong
  • United Arab Emirates


  • Listing at London Stock Exchange / IPO
  • AWAX Blockchain Platform Credits V8.0
  • AWAX Blockchain Platform Stock Exchange V9.0
  • AWAX Blockchain Platform Precious metals V10.0
  • AWAX BANK license + adopting
  • AWAX Blockchain Platform with a banking capability

First release of:

  • AWAX tablets and smartphones
  • Awax Tv Channel 24/7 Internet Live stream
  • Cable TV
  • Satellite TV
  • Financial Conduct Authorities License
2019 Q2


Start of Asset Management subsidiary companies

Platform update:

  • AWAX Blockchain Platform Exchange platform V1.2
  • AWAX Blockchain Platform Margin trading V2.2
  • AWAX Blockchain Platform ICO V3.2
  • AWAX Blockchain Platform Forex V4.2
  • AWAX Blockchain Platform Investment Board V5.2
  • AWAX Blockchain Platform Merchant V6.1Evol
  • AWAX Blockchain Platform Banking V7.1
  • AWAX Blockchain Platform Credits V8.1
  • AWAX Blockchain Platform Stock Exchange V9.1
  • AWAX Blockchain Platform Precious metals V10.1
  • Financial Conduct Authorities License
2019 Q3

More Updates

Never Stop

Project team

Andrew Peciorin
Andrew Peciorin
Founder / Board Member / CTO
Andrew Peciorin linkedin
Magnus Larsson
Magnus Larsson
Chief Operating Officer
Magnus Larsson linkedin
Jevgenijus Cernys
Jevgenijus Cernys
Jevgenijus Cernys linkedin
Audrey Monte
Audrey Monte
Audrey Monte linkedin
Edvin Babicius
Edvin Babicius
Edvin Babicius linkedin
Barbara Babiciene
Barbara Babiciene
Kyle Kit
Kyle Kit
Office Manager
Anderson Emily
Anderson Emily
Software Development
Anderson Emily linkedin
Hasnain Younus
Hasnain Younus
Software Development
Hamad Rehman
Hamad Rehman
Software Development
Usman Khan
Usman Khan
Software Development


Dennis Widmark
Dennis Widmark
Finance, CEO, Entrepreneur
Dennis Widmark linkedin
Arne Nabseth
Arne Nabseth
Finance, IT, Entrepreneur, Investor, CEO
Arne Nabseth linkedin
Michael Doron
Michael Doron
IPO, Business Development, CEO
Michael Doron linkedin
Peter Wagstrom
Peter Wagstrom
CEO, Strategy, Negotiation, Transactions
Peter Wagstrom linkedin
Erik Savenstrand
Erik Savenstrand
Legal, Financial Business Development
Erik Savenstrand linkedin
Lucas Bjornbom
Lucas Bjornbom
IT & Cloud Development
Lucas Bjornbom linkedin
Kai Blach
Kai Blach
Finance, Blockchain, CEO Crypto-currency, Entrepreneur
Kai Blach linkedin
Teuta Bakalli
Teuta Bakalli
Finance, Blockchain, CEO Crypto-currency, Entrepreneur
Teuta Bakalli linkedin
Dennis Sahlstrom
Dennis Sahlstrom
Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, Entrepreneur, Speaker - Writer, Trader & Investor
Dennis Sahlstrom linkedin
Ivan Sulev
Ivan Sulev
Business Development Manager, Paragon Europe
Ivan Sulev linkedin
Peter Swartling
Peter Swartling
CEO, Entrepreneur, Crypto-currency, International Marketing, A&R & Executive Producer
Peter Swartling linkedin
Alex Fedosseev
Alex Fedosseev
Finance, Blockchain, CEO, Crypto-currency, Entrepreneur
Alex Fedosseev linkedin

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