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Project industryGambling & Betting
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Technical details

Betstreak develops a Multi Coin Platform API (MCPA) to allow different cryptos to be played with existing casinos platform. The MCPA will allow players to use any coin ( LTC, ETH, BCH etc) to play and transact using their native coins. Players do not have to worry about exchanging their coins or exchange rates losses. MCPA can also be used as a API plug-in for other licensed casinos.

What is Betstreak

During its first year of operations, Betstreak has 3,500,000 Euro and 1500 BTC wagered on its platform and has gained a profit of over 2150 BTC. Armed with a full suite of games ranging from blackjack, baccarat, slots and live dealer games, Betstreak intends to expand its business beyond fiat and bitcoin gambling to a wide range of cryptocurrencies including its own Betstreak token.

Token info

Ticker: BST
Dividends: will retain 25% of net gaming revenue to pay out to existing BST holders every bi-yearly.
Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH, LTC
Token distribution:
20% will be used to bolster the existing bankroll to accept larger bets. 10% will be used for Operational expenses: staff payroll and utilities of new products. 40% will be used for the research and development and implementation of the MCPA. 30% will be used for marketing and promotion of

Betstreak Roadmap

Q3 2017


Q4 2017

- Additional of 10 new game providers
- Listing of BST on major exchanges
- Development of MCPA
- Start process for application of Malta Gaming License

Q1 2018

Integration and Marketing
- Include Crypto Sportsbook
- Include Crypto Poker
- Beta run of MCPA

Q3 2018

- Profit-sharing and annual reporting
- Bi-yearly buyback ballot of BST

Social media

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