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Thesaurum is a platform that digitizes, tokenizes and provides various assets, including gold mines in Ghana, as a game prize. Most game prizes are distributed in a certain way between all participants of the game from the pool of funds, using smart contracts. As a result, Thesaurum offers a platform where users compete in various games and win high-priced goods from around the world in a fair and secure way using Blockchain technology.

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Project industryGambling & Betting
Product typePlatform

What is Thesaurum


Gold Engineers and Explorers International Company Limited(GEEI) is a limited liability company duly registered under the companies Act, 1963 (Act 179) with interests in the provision of mining support services and expertise. GEEI provides a complete range of geological, mining, and environmental services exclusively to the mining sector. Our company is dedicated to serving the mining industry and provide excellent and efficient mining support services at international standards. Our services help mine operators to operate at their greatest potential while not compromising on safety and sustainability.

The company relies on its exhaustive portfolio of local and international industry contacts, cumulated staff expertise and skill in addition to in-depth knowledge of the work terrain. With these built against a firm financial backdrop and ingenuity, company has a guaranteed stability which allows it to provide the very best services available in the mining and construction industry today.


To create value for our investors, shareholders, employees and our business and social partners through safely and responsibly mining ,exploring ,engineering and marketing our products and services. To promoting and offering greater transparency, exchange, transfer and liquidity within the space.


To be the leading mining and mineral exploration engineering company in West Africa through support service license regulations.


  • Minerals exploration services
  • Geotechnical services
  • Large-scale Mining and support services
  • Haulage services
  • Construction and engineering services
  • Training and research services
  • Trading of precious minerals
  • General merchandise and logistics solution services
  • Solution

  • We can make small scale mining efficient by providing capital
  • Implementation of Blockchain technology in land survey data with further fundraising and investments
  • Incorporating gambling elements, making investment dividends prizes Play a game where you can get a big payout with a small amount.
  • Details

    Public sales: Nov 09, 2019 - Feb 09, 2020
    IEO (p2pb2b Launchpad): Mar 24, 2020 - Mar 28, 2020
    Token supply: 100,000,000 TSM
    Total tokens for sale: 60,000,000 TSM
    Soft cap: 200,00 USD
    Hard cap: 3,600,00 USD
    Raised: 243,000 USD


    Blockchain Platform: Ethereum
    Registration country: Ghana
    Registration year: 2017
    Office address: P.O Box 179 Tarkwa, Western Region Ghana

    Token info

    Ticker: TSM
    Type: Utility-token
    Token standard: ERC20
    Token price in USD: 1 TSM = 0.06 USD
    Token distribution:
    IEO - 60%
    Airdrop - 2%
    Advisors - 8%
    Reserve - 10%
    Team - 20%
    Funds allocation:
    Mining - 50%
    Development - 20%
    Marketing - 20%
    Consulting - 10%

    Offices on the map

    Thesaurum Roadmap

    Q3 2019
  • Thesaurum Project start
  • 2
    Q4 2019
  • Private Sale
  • 3
    Q1 2020
  • IEO
  • Test Gold Mining
  • 4
    Q2 2020
  • Game start.
  • Wallet release
  • 5
    Q3 2020
  • Gold Mining start
  • 6
    Q4 2020
  • Events
  • 7
    Q1 2021
  • Game
  • 8
    Q2 2021
  • Events
  • 9
    Q3 2021
  • Game
  • 10
    Q4 2021
  • Events
  • Project team

    Michael Dwumfuor
    Michael Dwumfuor
    Michael Dwumfuor linkedin
    Gilbert Odartey Hansen
    Gilbert Odartey Hansen
    Gilbert Odartey Hansen linkedin
    Edward wiredu
    Edward wiredu
    Edward wiredu linkedin
    David Baffour-Kwakye
    David Baffour-Kwakye
    Business Development Manager
    David Baffour-Kwakye linkedin
    Taswar Naqvi
    Taswar Naqvi
    ​Marketing Project Manager
    Taswar Naqvi linkedin
    Nouman Nawaz
    Nouman Nawaz
    Business Development Manager
    Nouman Nawaz linkedin
    Raheel Moazam
    Raheel Moazam
    Social Media Manager
    Raheel Moazam linkedin
    Crypto News analyst
    Sikander-e-Azam linkedin


    Pradeep Reddy
    Pradeep Reddy
    Financial adviser
    Pradeep Reddy linkedin
    Andrey Shypunov
    Andrey Shypunov
    Andrey Shypunov linkedin
    Yanna Fo
    Yanna Fo
    Yanna Fo linkedin
    Rishabh Anand
    Rishabh Anand
    Rishabh Anand linkedin

    Social media

    Thesaurum web-siteThesaurum RedditThesaurumYouTubeThesaurum TelegramThesaurum BTCTalkThesaurum LinkedInThesaurum TwitterThesaurum Facebook

    User rating:

    5/5 ( 1 )

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