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BitGain (BGN)

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Bitgain Ai it’s a revolutionary ecosystem that combines AI-powered security, metaverse integration, NFT market place, Dapp, and wallet.

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Project industryPrivacy & Security
Product typeEcosystem
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What is BitGain

Our main focus has been, on the UID system, which highlights BitGain's commitment to enhancing security simplifying processes and empowering users. Through methods BitGain offers a robust solution for secure user identification while also making onboarding easier and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Furthermore BitGain's emphasis on personalisation, decentralised identity verification and cross platform authentication showcases its dedication to improving the user experience.

Apart from its UID system BitGain extends its functionality into domains such as secure transactions, supply chain management, voting systems, governance structures and healthcare records management. These applications demonstrate how BitGain is capable of driving innovation and transparency across sectors.

BitGain is not a cryptocurrency; it represents a transformative force that aims to revolutionise our interactions with digital systems. With its focus on security measures, user empowerment and versatility in addressing use cases; BitGain is positioned at the forefront of the blockchain revolution.

As we look ahead into the future we anticipate growth and influence from BitGain in shaping technology advancements in finance and, beyond.


Pre-sales: Oct 15, 2023 - Oct 15, 2023
IDO (Spores Launchpad): Nov 10, 2023 - Nov 12, 2023
IDO (Kingdomstarter Launchpad): Nov 12, 2023 - Nov 12, 2023
IDO (PinkSale Launchpad): Oct 07, 2023 - Oct 12, 2023
IDO (Matic Launchpad): Nov 14, 2023 - Nov 15, 2023
IDO (BSCS Launchpad): Oct 13, 2023 - Oct 13, 2023
IDO (X-Starter Launchpad): Nov 12, 2023 - Nov 14, 2023
IDO (IXIR Launchpad): TBA - TBA
IDO (DAOStarter Launchpad): Nov 12, 2023 - Nov 14, 2023
Token supply: 1,000,000,000 BGN


Blockchain Platform: Binance Smart Chain
Registration year: 2023

Token info

Ticker: BGN
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: BEP-20
Token price in USD: 1 BGN = 0.009 USDT
Accepted currencies: BNB, USDT, BUSD
Token distribution:
CEX Listing - 5.74%
Ecosystem - 38%
Team - 10%
Airdrop and Bounty - 5%
Presale - 6.26%
Partnerships - 10%
Liquidity - 15%
Marketing - 10%

BitGain Roadmap

Q3-Q4 2023
  • Build the team and partnerships.
  • Create and audit smart contracts.
  • UID system development and integration.
  • Launch official website and social media.
Q1 2024
  • Conduct 6 presale stages with increasing token price
  • Airdrop and bounty event to grow the community
  • Initiate marketing campaigns to raise awareness
  • Collaborate with influencers to promote the project
  • Distribute BGN tokens to presale participants
  • Listing BGN in major exchanges
Q2 2024
  • Launch UID system beta version for internal testing
  • Collect feedback and refine user experience
  • Initiate partnerships with dApps and metaverse platforms
  • Begin security audits for the UID system and dApp integration
  • Blockchain Integration
  • BitGain Staking
Q3 2024
  • Release the metaverse platform for public access
  • Launch initial dApps within the ecosystem
  • Mainnet launch
  • Continue marketing efforts to attract users to the ecosystem
Q4 2024
  • Introduce the NFT marketplace with verified listings
  • Launch the community governance platform using BGN tokens
  • Unlock locked tokens for ecosystem development and partnerships
  • Expand partnerships and collaborations within the crypto space
2025 And Beyond
  • List BGN token on More exchanges exchanges
  • Launch targeted marketing campaigns in new regions
  • Scale the metaverse platform with additional features
  • Continue building partnerships and integrations with key players

Project team

Donald Turner
Donald Turner
Executive Director
Donald Turner twitter
Ali Mahmud Khan
Ali Mahmud Khan
Co Founder
Ali Mahmud Khan linkedin
Oliver Allen
Oliver Allen
Blockchain & Solidity Expert
Oliver Allen twitter
Lino Antunez
Lino Antunez
Front and JS Expert
Lino Antunez twitter


Daniel Holmes
Daniel Holmes

Social media

BitGain web-siteBitGain MediumBitGainYouTubeBitGain TelegramBitGain LinkedInBitGain TwitterBitGain Discord

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2 Responses

  • Cool thapaNovember 16, 2023 at 8:05 pm

    I have already purchased the token, but it’s not showing me how many tokens I own. How can I check the number of tokens I have, and what is the process for claiming them?

  • LUDNovember 18, 2023 at 2:02 am


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