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Block Sports is a decentralized sports betting exchange, built on the Neo blockchain.

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Project industryGambling & Betting
Product typePlatform

What is Block Sports

The Block Sports Exchange is a decentralized marketplace for users to bet against one another on the outcome of sporting events. Similar to the buy and sell mechanism of currency exchanges, users can bet for and against the outcome of an event. Utilizing the Neo blockchain, Block Sports enables secure cryptocurrency betting where escrow and processing is handled on-chain, giving users true control of their funds. Block Sports Private Bets allow users to bet head to head directly with friends, enabling them to formalise real life bets on the Neo blockchain. Fees paid on winnings are proportionally distributed to BSX token holders, giving them a share in dividends and tying token value to commercial success.


Blockchain Platform: NEO

Token info

Ticker: BSX
Type: Utility-token
Accepted currencies: ETH
Token distribution:
70% - Token Sale
20% - Operational Reserve
10% - Team
Funds allocation:
Projected use of company funds in the first year of operations:
65% - Product & Development
15% - Operational
10% - Marketing and outreach
10% - Legal and Accounting
Projected use of company funds in the second year of operations:
40% - Product & Development
35% - Marketing and outreach •
15% - Operational
10% - Legal and Accounting

Block Sports Roadmap

Q1 2018

Smart Contract Prototypes

Q2 2018

Functional Exchange Demo

Q3 2018

Token Sale & Hiring

Q1 2019

TestNet Beta & Oracles

Q2 2019

Exchange Beta

Q3 2019

Full Exchange Release

Project team

Tsering Redmond
Tsering Redmond
Co-founder & Product & Marketing
Tsering Redmond linkedin
Mirren King-Smith
Mirren King-Smith
Co-founder & Development
Mirren King-Smith linkedin
Sergej Stojanovski
Sergej Stojanovski
Co-founder & Finance & Operations
Sergej Stojanovski linkedin
Jordan Overbye
Jordan Overbye
Jordan Overbye linkedin
Alex Norman
Alex Norman
Security & Infrastructure
Alex Norman linkedin

Social media

Block Sports web-siteBlock Sports MediumBlock Sports TelegramBlock Sports LinkedInBlock Sports TwitterBlock Sports FacebookBlock Sports Github

User rating:

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