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Database-centric decentralized application orientated platform with a different approach to token economy.

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Project industryBlockchain Infrastructure / Chromia Ecosystem
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What is Chromia

Chromia offers the same level of openness, transparency and decentralization as other public
blockchains. In Chromia miners are replaced with providers. Providers own nodes which produce
blocks. It has been suggested that the four largest mining pools of both Bitcoin
and Ethereum could exert significant control over those networks if they colluded. We aim to ensure that the
minimum number of node providers whose collusion would be required to exert such control on
Chromia exceeds this number significantly. It can therefore be said that the Chromia model does
not tend towards centralization any more than the oldest and most trusted public blockchains.

Chromia’ PBFT-style consensus is further hardened by anchoring Chromia chains to a Proof of
Work (PoW) blockchain, likely Bitcoin or Ethereum. This ensures that finality, the guarantee that
confirmed transactions cannot be changed, is at least as strong as that of the chosen anchoring
chain. To alter the history of an anchored portion of Chromia block history it would be necessary
to combine PoW blockchain reorganization with a malicious collusion of a sufficient number of
Chromia nodes. The likelihood of any attacker having the resources to successfully mount such an
attack is extremely low.

Chromia is a general-purpose platform which is suitable for almost all kinds of dapps. It is
particularly well suited to cases requiring high I/O capacity or involving management of complex
data sets. Massively multiplayer online games (MMOGs) are an example of such a case.
Blockchain gaming is becoming increasingly popular, but MMOGs are currently out of reach
because no existing blockchain platform can support them. Chromia is capable of hosting entire game worlds in the blockchain, making sure that they evolve according to predetermined rules
and ensuring that no one can cheat. We believe that implementing a MMOG will be the best way to
showcase the capabilities of Chromia. MMOGs have a very demanding set of requirements; the
capacity to run MMOGs implies that Chromia is suitable for demanding and complex dapps of all


Token supply: 1,000,000,000 CHR


Blockchain Platform: Ethereum
Registration year: 2018
Office address: Centralplan 15 11164 Stocksund, Sweden

Token info

Ticker: CHR
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: ERC20
Accepted currencies: ETH

Project team

Henrik Hjelte
Henrik Hjelte
Henrik Hjelte linkedin
Or Perelman
Or Perelman
Or Perelman linkedin
Alex Mizrahi
Alex Mizrahi
Alex Mizrahi linkedin
Ebba Theding
Ebba Theding
Ebba Theding linkedin

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