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Aligned Layer, deeloped by Yet Another Company, is a ZK verification layer built atop the EigenLayer. Aligned Layer platform facilitates cost-effective verification of SNARK proofs, harnessing the security of Ethereum validators while overcoming Ethereum’s limitations. As an Eigen Layer AVS, Aligned Layer offers affordable verification and versatile proving systems for L2s and bridges, addressing crucial requirements within the blockchain ecosystem.

Seed Round: $2.6 Million

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Project industryLayer-2
Product typePlatform
WhitepaperAligned Layer White Paper Open

What is Aligned Layer

Aligned Layer is the first decentralized verification layer for Ethereum powered by Eigen Layer. Aligned Layer works with EigenLayer to leverage Ethereum economic security to improve Ethereum as a settlement layer. By being built from scratch with zero-knowledge proofs in mind, Aligned Layer offers cheap and fast verification of any proving system, while enabling the usage of cutting edge algorithms that may use new techniques to prove even faster.

Aligned Layer aims to transform Ethereum into the most efficient and cost-effective neutral platform for SNARK verification by using Eigen Layer. We want to become a key player in this space, supporting anyone involved in ZK technology development or research. We’re committed to assembling an exceptional team and advisory group to realize this vision.


Raised: 2,600,000 USD


Registration year: 2024

Aligned Layer Roadmap

February 2024

Aligned Layer MVP.

March 2024

Private Testnet & Tendermint Public Testnet.

March 2024

Public Whitepaper Draft Release.

April 2024

Private EigenLayer Testnet.

May 2024

Public EigenLayer Testnet.

September 2024

Mainnet Launch.

Project team

Roberto José (RJ) Catalán
Roberto José (RJ) Catalán
Roberto José (RJ) Catalán twitter
Federico Carrone
Federico Carrone
Federico Carrone twitter


Diego Kingston
Diego Kingston
Technical Advisor and Core Research Contributor
Diego Kingston twitter
Mauro Toscano
Mauro Toscano
Technical Advisor and Core Engineer Contributor
Mauro Toscano twitter

Social media

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