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Past ICO
May 01, 2018 – May 14, 2018

CoinUs is a integrated business platform with focus on individual’s value and experience to provide Human-to-Blockchain Interface.

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Hype score Medium
Risk score Medium
Investment rating NA CoinUs (CNUS) ICO icobench 3.4 / 5 CoinUs (CNUS) ICO icomarks 4.6 / 10 CoinUs (CNUS) ICO trackico 4.3 / 5 CoinUs (CNUS) ICO icoholder 0 / 5
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Project industry Finance Services & Banking
Product type App


CoinUs aims to release CoinUs Wallet and CoinUs Keeper.

CoinUs Wallet will:

  • support various cryptocurrencies and tokens from one account
  • support Multi-Wallet function from one account
  • simplify restoration with a backup

CoinUs Keeper:

  • Security system that provides mobility, convenience and security
  • Usage of 3.5? earphone/audio jack for mobile docking¬†
  • User can select individual security level: software only or software + CoinUs Keeper


Token supply: 1000000000
Hard cap: 17,457,800 USD(fiat)


Blockchain Platform: Ethereum
Office address: 11th Floor, 460, Bongeunsa-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea

Token info

Ticker: CNUS
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: ERC-20
Accepted currencies: ETH
Token distribution:
50% - Keep Buyers
20% - Marketing
12% - CoinUs
10% - CoinVerse Content Providers
8% - Partner

CoinUs (CNUS) ICO Roadmap

Q3 2017

CoinUs Multi-Cryptocurrency; Wallet Ideation.

Q4 2017

CoinUs Keeper; Design & Development.

Q1 2018

The Blockchain Inc.; CoinUs Wallet Launch (ETH & ERC20 Token).

Q2 2018

CoinUs Keeper Pre-Order; CoinUs Wallet Coin Support Expansion (BTC, BCH, LTC, QTUM, and etc.); Token Launcher & One-Pass KYC Service Launch.

Q3 2018

CoinUs Keeper Launch; ICO Rating System Open; CoinUs Wallet Coin Support Expansion (Strategic Partners).

Q4 2018

CoinUs Wallet Enhancement (UX&UI Improvement); CoinUs Keeper Overseas Business Partnership (Japan, China, US, and Europe).

Q1 2019

CoinUs US Branch Establishment; CoinVerse Development Commencement

Q2 2019

CoinVerse Testnet Launch, Wallet, and CBN API Release.

Q4 2019

CoinVerse Ecosystem Launch.

Project team

Founder & CEo in CoinUs (CNUS) ICO - 1
Jay Lee
Founder & CEo
Founder & CEO in CoinUs (CNUS) ICO - 2
Sean Oh
Founder & CEO
COO in CoinUs (CNUS) ICO - 3
Alex Oh
CTO in CoinUs (CNUS) ICO - 4
Hoick lee
Business Strategy Lead in CoinUs (CNUS) ICO - 5
Andrew Kim
Business Strategy Lead
Tech Lead in CoinUs (CNUS) ICO - 6
Jimin Chang
Tech Lead
Management Lead in CoinUs (CNUS) ICO - 7
Seunghee Jea
Management Lead
UI/UX Lead in CoinUs (CNUS) ICO - 8
Carrie Wang
UI/UX Lead
QA Lead                        
 in CoinUs (CNUS) ICO - 9
Jax Kim
QA Lead
 in CoinUs (CNUS) ICO - 10
 in CoinUs (CNUS) ICO - 11

Social media

Web-site Medium YouTube Telegram btctalk Twitter Facebook

User rating:

5/5 ( 1 )

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