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Zamio bounty is a unique on-chain ecosystem where the worlds of CeFi and DeFi meet in one place. Our mission is to facilitate the transition into a new decentralized economy by helping transfer real assets to the blockchain.

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Project industryFinance Services & Banking
Product typeDeFi
FoundedRussian Federation
WhitepaperZamio White Paper Open
OnepagerZamio Onepager Open

What is Zamio is building an on-chain financial ecosystem powered by an agile interoperable blockchain, and enforced by smart contracts, escrow accounts and oracles. opens the opportunity to digitally replicate real assets and generate capital on the blockchain to accelerate the transition to the new decentralized economy.​

Zamzam wants to help shape a new era of finance by building a hybrid DeFi-CeFi ecosystem that bridges capital and users from today's centralized economies to tomorrow's decentralized future.


IDO (Lightning Launchpad): Nov 01, 2021 - Nov 02, 2021
Token supply: 888,888,888 ZAM
Total tokens for sale: 177,777,778 ZAM
Soft cap: 455,555 USD
Hard cap: 3,555,556 USD


Blockchain Platform: Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain
Registration country: Russian Federation
Registration year: 2018
Office address: Moscow, Russia, 129090, Botanichesky lane, 5, floor. 11, room. 2zh

Token info

Ticker: ZAM
Token price in USD: 1 ZAM = 0.03 USD
Accepted currencies: BUSD, USDT, BNB
Token distribution:
Staking Rewards - 23%
Token Sale - 20%
Team - 15%
Ecosystem Fund - 10%
Marketing - 10%
Liquidity & Market Making - 10%
Community Incentives - 5%
Partnerships - 3%
Affiliate program - 2%
Advisors - 2%

Zamio Roadmap

Q2 2018
  • Project Documentation .One io
  • Financial Modeling .One io
  • Сlosed Pre-Seed Private Sale zz
  • Team Formation io
Q3 2018
  • Registered as Zamzam Technology LLC io
  • Marketing Strategy .One io
  • Launched Product Development io
  • Release ZamWallet MVP .Beta io
  • Published White Paper .One io
  • Launch Website .One io
Q4 2018
  • Our Team Visited Dubai, Singapore, Switzerland io
  • Partnership with Saeed Alhebsi and Jaber Almarzouki UAE io
  • Active Fundraising zz
Q1 2019
  • Project Documentation .One me
  • Financial Modeling .One me
  • Business Development me
Q2 2019
  • Partnership with Unistream Bank me
  • Partnership with QiwiBank me
Q3 2019
  • Launch Development App for Remittance me
  • Marketing Strategy .One me
Q4 2019
  • Partnership with WalletOne Bank me
  • Our team visited Turkey, Dubai
Q1 2020
  • Partnership with Best2Pay and MinBank me
  • Infrastructure Launch 1.0 me
Q2 2020
  • Launch Website me
  • Team expansion me
  • Partnership with CONTACT Payment me
Q3 2020
  • Closed Testing App for Remittance me
  • Start of Development of Virtual Bank Cards me
  • Partnership with the Federation of Migrants of Russia me
Q4 2020
  • Release App for Remittance .One me
  • Launched Remittance in 8 countries me
Q1 2021
  • Formation of a New Crypto Team io
  • Project Documentation .Two io
  • Financial Modeling .Two io
  • Marketing Strategy .Two io
  • Partnership with PayAnyWay me
  • Partnership with OpeningBank me
  • was Valuated at $27mln by FreedomFinance me
Q2 2021
  • Attracted 10,000 Users zz
  • Infrastructure Launch 2.0 zz
  • NEW Products Docs .One zz
  • Developed $ZAM Token io
  • Crossservers zz
  • Referal and Bonus Program .One me
  • Partnership with Interactive Broker io
  • Website Update .Two io
Q3 2021
  • Trade Wallet Power by Binance Broker .One io
  • DeFi Wallet BTC, ETH .One io
  • ZamEx Intelligent Investment Portfolios .One io
  • Cross-Chain Bridge ETH to BSC .One io
  • Launch Virtual Bank Cards .One me
  • Adding 10 New Remittance Destinations me
  • Launch of the USDZ and AEDZ Smart-Contracts .One io
  • Launch of Open API .One zz
  • Listing IDO Uniswap and PancakeSwap io
  • Listing IEO on io
Q4 2021
  • zMorgan .One io
  • zMorgan Protocol Audit by CertiK
  • Staking Wallet .One io
  • DeFi Wallet Add Cosmos, BSC .Two io
  • ZamEx Swap CeFi&DeFi .Alfa
  • zMetaBoard (Dashboard) .One
  • ZamAgileChain Private Network .One zz
  • Launch Virtual Bank Cards .Two me
  • PCI DSS Leval 4 zz
  • Salary Projects for Migrants .One me
  • Listing on KuCoin
  • Obtaining an EMI license in Malta
Q1 2022
  • DAO Governance
  • ZamAgileChain. Two Publiс Network (Testnet)
  • ZamEx On-Chain Exchange on ZAC .One
  • zMorgan .Two
  • zMetaBoard .Two (Dashboard)
  • Intellectual Investment Portfolios .Two io
  • Launch off Loans for Migrants me
  • Obtaining a License from the Central Bankof Bahrain zz
Q2 2022
  • Adding Deep Analytics to ZamEx io
  • Launching Nodes ZAC for Remittances zz
  • Stock Tokenizations Release io
  • Launch of Algorithmic Stablecoins USDZ and AEDZ io
  • DeFi Wallet Add Lending Protocols .Three io
  • Adding 10 New Remittance Destinations me
  • Launch of Open API .Twe zz

Project team

Iliya Biniaminov
Iliya Biniaminov
CEO, Founder
Iliya Biniaminov linkedin
George Gus
George Gus
COO, Founder, Head of Product
George Gus linkedin
Ayman Sayed
Ayman Sayed
CBO, Co-founder
Ayman Sayed linkedin
Ksenia Rayko
Ksenia Rayko
Chief Financial Officer
Ksenia Rayko linkedin
Mikhail Zhbankov
Mikhail Zhbankov
Mikhail Zhbankov linkedin
Alex Belov
Alex Belov
Alex Belov linkedin
Constantine Sorokin
Constantine Sorokin
Chief Economist
Ali Aoun
Ali Aoun
Ali Aoun linkedin


Glenn Grant
Glenn Grant
Senior Advisor
Glenn Grant linkedin
Vilma Mattila
Vilma Mattila
Senior Institutional Advisor
Vilma Mattila linkedin
Said Alhebsi
Said Alhebsi
Supervisory Board (Dubai)
Said Alhebsi linkedin
Jaber Al Marzuki
Jaber Al Marzuki
Supervisory Board (Dubai)
Jaber Al Marzuki linkedin

Social media

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