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Crypto Academy Coin is a Blockchain based technology cryptocurrency and uses the latest technology. Academy Coin is owned by SMART CRYPTO ACADEMY which is a creation of the people of Indonesia in welcoming the idea of the President so that the Indonesian people must know and learn the digital world, Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin.

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Product typePlatform
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What is Crypto Academy Coin

SMART CRYPTO ACADEMY is a Cryptocurrency Trading Educational Institution from Beginner level to Expert / MASTER level. A Legal Entity Foundation engaged in the field of education and social with the name SOCIAL CRYPTO ACADEMY Foundation.

Apart from holding paid training classes, SMART CRYPTO ACADEMY also provides free training especially for senior high schools and colleges, so they are get knowledge in the digital world, especially the world cryptocurrency trading which will be useful at times enter the workforce.


Making the Indonesian people respected in the international world in the field of cryptocurrency.


Creating as many reliable traders as possible so that they can help bring in foreign exchange and improve their welfare.

The global payment system at Crypto Academy Coin uses digital currency / cryptocurrency, this makes it easy for all members to recruit new members in explaining. besides that all of the existing bonuses both sponsor bonuses, pairing bonuses and trading profit sharing bonuses are all in the form of rupiah currency (vochers).

Each member registration gets crypto trading training rights, from beginner to master level, so that all members deepen their knowledge and can be useful for generating personal finance. Crypto Trading Training is always held in all cities in Indonesia, both free and paid.


IEO (Latoken Launchpad): Jul 18, 2020 - Dec 31, 2020
Token supply: 9,000,000 CAC

Token info

Ticker: CAC
Token price in USD: 1 CAC = 1 USDT
Funds allocation:
Marketing and Branding - 6%
Legal and Commercial Advice - 6%
Developer(Lock 2th) - 22%
Product Development - 33%
For ICO - 33%

Project team

Adi Wibowo
Adi Wibowo
Crypto Academy Trainer
Eko Budianto
Eko Budianto
Developer Team
Indrawati K
Indrawati K
Developer Team
A. Suwandi, S.Kom
A. Suwandi, S.Kom
Crypto Academy Trainer
Dicky Boreel
Dicky Boreel
Developer Team

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