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Crypto Stake is aiming to build the world’s largest crypto currency gambling platform with distributed blockchain technology for betting on the live sports events and casino gaming creating transparency and security rivaled by no one in this field of the gambling market We will be offering the best odds available on the internet when users place bets using our exclusive Crypto Stake Token.

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Project industryGambling & Betting
Product typeEcosystem
FoundedUnited Kingdom

Technical details

All bets will be procesed through an on platform exchange using blockchain technology.The Casino gaming using RGN (Randon Number Generation) will all be blockchain programming ensuring security and full transparency.Programming throughout the ecosystem will be carried out by top class blockchain

What is Crypto Stake Token

The Crypto Stake token is an essential part of the sportsbook and future casino Eco system. It is used as the exclusive currency on the Crypto Stake platform for increased betting odds – both for sports bets and casino games. Crypto Stake token is a digital currency, players from all around the world can profit from when using to place their bets. Placing bets is simple, fast and cost effective.

Crypto Stake gives its users many advantages, when placing bets on our platform you will get increased odds on the sports book and Casino Games bets of your choice increasing your profits when winning without increasing any losses. Any winnings can be efficiently processed due to the ecosystems A.I and on platform exchange.

Our exchange will also make transferring funds to other personal wallets streamlined and efficient. If an account holder would like to exchange Crypto Stake to any other crypto currency this can also be achieved using the Crypto Stakes exchange and the funds can be withdrawn at any time into a wallet of their choice. All our transactions will be carried out in a cost effective and timely process.


Pre-sales: Aug 02, 2021 - Oct 02, 2021
Pre-sale token supply: 2,000,000 CST
Token supply: 200,000,000 CST
Total tokens for sale: 22,000,000 CST
Soft cap: 5,000,000 USD
Hard cap: 8,800,000 USD


Blockchain Platform: Binance Smart Chain
Registration country: United Kingdom
Registration year: 2021
Office address: 71-75 Shelton Street London WH2H 9JQ

Token info

Ticker: CST
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: BEP 20
Token price in USD: 1 CST = 0.15 USD
Accepted currencies: USDT
Bonus program:
Airdrop 3% of your total investment
Token distribution:
Airdrop - 3%
Operations - 15%
Legal - 12%
Merketing - 30%
Development - 40%

Crypto Stake Token Roadmap

2021 April
  • Creating the CSC ecosystem idea and establishing the core team
  • Research and development analysing of sportsbook markets
  • Identifying the main problems hindering the development of the industry
  • Development of core team2021 June
  • Announcement of project and lite white paper
  • Temporary website
  • Crowd sale announcement and media engagement
  • Preparing the backend as well as the legal and accounting solutions for the token launch preparation
  • Forming the pre recruitment team
2021 July
  • Official white paper
  • Private Pre-Sale begins
  • Developing the project in line with existing problem
  • Interacting with the blockchain community
  • Development of website and testing
  • Engagement with bounty hunters
2021 September
  • Public sale begins
  • Project launched on Duckdao, application for Coinmarket cap, Coingeko
  • Exchange applications
  • Launching the Waves token version and testing distribution
  • Progression of website
  • Establishing partnership's
  • Mobile app work begins
2021 December
  • Creating CSC bridge to Ethereum and ERC20 standard token
  • Website live in test mode for investors to try
  • Voting system for investors January 2022
  • Listing of the CSC at the first minor exchange
  • Launch of fully working website an app
  • Lottery/pool draws / casino incorporated
  • Launching the CSC Exchange DEX
2022 Late
  • Establishing the sustainable global tokenisation ecosystem for betting on the world wide sports book
  • Listing on major exchanges
  • Fork of the SCS Token into a faster Ethereum-based version
  • Launching the SCS Token staking and dividend solution
  • Publishing the SCS App for iOS and Android

Project team

Georgina Reynolds
Georgina Reynolds
Lauren Hollingworth
Lauren Hollingworth
Legal Advisor
Gary Pemberton
Gary Pemberton
Warren Phillips
Warren Phillips
Lead Developer

Social media

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