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Apr 01, 2019 – Jun 15, 2019

CustomCoin Platform is a platform designed for the development of the Construction Industry in Western Europe.
The interaction of all cryptocurrencies on one blockchain-blockchain ETH with the help of tokenization cryptocurrencies. Custom Coin is Internal token of the Platform and Crypto Bank. The platform will include all.

1. Swiss service for construction companies. Service for the contractor and the customer of construction works. cash loans in exchange for Custom Coin (CC) project tokens.

2. Centralized crypto exchange for Swiss users. The exchange will have its own GrowthCoin – Custom Coin (CC) and StableCoin CHFT.

3. A cryptobank for Swiss users with payment of services in Custom Coin tokens (CC). Each user will be assigned a token associated with Fiat. This will provide a CHFT token. 1CHFT = 1CHF. Swiss franc.

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Project industry Real Estate
Product type Service
Founded Switzerland
Technical details The ultimate goal of the project Crypto Bank. The combination of two technologies Blockchain and SWIFT


Today, Construction Services are in great demand thanks to the new technologies implementation and rapidly changing needs. The market of the construction services in European Countries is represented mainly by large players and needs small construction firms and individual entrepreneurs, who often has financial problems for sustainable development.

For big holding companies to do the work require significantly resources, as a result, the final cost of even a small work seems too high. At the same time, smaller service providers are more flexible in pricing, but often unknown. In addition, the lack of finance resources at the start of the work may lead to their bankruptcy or merger with large companies, which in turn reduces the efficiency of small business development. The second reason for the failing of small companies is the long waiting period for payment for the work done. Even a few months of waiting for a payment can lead to serious consequences.

We offer a simple and cheap way to solve this problems-it is the financing of small business with the help of easy-touse tools that will not only allow to develop the construction industry, but also to earn money without investing huge investments. To do this, we develop CustomCoin.


CustomCoin Platform is a platform that unites people who see the future in the development of the Construction Industry and blockchain technology. We will help customers to find professionals without problems, and for small construction companies and private professionals we will offer their services.

CustomCoin will provide a platform to any supplier and customer regardless of the size of the business.

This is a new approach, which will take the significantly part in the construction market with a help of the development of cryptocurrencies. We believe that our project is the First, after will be many similar projects.


  • Usability. Easy to use service available anytime, anywhere and in the user's language.
  • Transparency. Clear digital pricing rules that are easy to control and change. The payments are only for his operations without hidden fees.
  • Security. Immediate confirmation of transactions thanks to blockchain technology, clear identification of payments.
  • The accuracy of the account. Detailed payment history with supporting documents.
  • Quality of service. Technical support and assistance in resolving problems.
  • Thanks to the blockchain technologies, which created new ways to connect investors and entrepreneurs in need of financing. And the cryptocurrency has allowed unite entrepreneurs from different countries and financial opportunities.

    The token that our platform offers will solve many difficult problems, and most importantly financial ones.

    Financing by one entrepreneur of the other will be simplified to a simple transfer of tokens from account to account.

    Possibility to keep the token will bring good profits, because as the amount of the users increase, the cost of the token will increase.

    We believe that the transparency and functionality of our product will benefit every member of the industry:

  • small Construction Companies and private specialists will be able to borrow;
  • small Construction Companies and private professionals will be able to offer their services to more consumers;
  • customers will get confidence in the professionalism of the contractor;
  • for investors who have decided to bet on our token, we guarantee steady growth, as our platform develops;
  • everyone will get a user-friendly interface and transparency of operations, which can be controlled by any user.
  • Details

    Pre-sale token supply: 30,000,000
    Token supply: 59,000,000
    Soft cap: 2,500,000 USD
    Hard cap: 7,500,000 USD


    Blockchain Platform: Ethereum
    Country limitations: Schweiz
    Registration country: Switzerland
    Registration year: 2018
    Office address: House, Suite 41, 38 Surrey Quays Road, London SE16 7DX, England

    Token info

    Ticker: CC
    Type: Utility-token
    Token standard: ERC-20
    Token price in USD: 1 CC= 0.0816 USD
    Token price in EUR: 1 CC= 0.073 EUR
    Token price in BTC: 1 CC= 0.071075 BTC
    Token price in ETH: 1 CC = 0.0006 ETH
    Accepted currencies: ETH, BTC
    Token distribution:
    Sale 59%
    Pre-Sale 30%
    Team 5%
    Consultant 3%
    Bounty 3%
    Funds allocation:
    Expensies on software 3%
    Expensies of listing on the stock and control of the token 2 %
    Administrative expensies 6%
    Regestration expensies. Opening Actien Gesellschaft in Switzerland 8 %
    Expensies of legal services 3%
    Taxes 22%
    Founders 8%
    The provision for loans 33 %
    Covering risks for third party investors and users 15%

    CustumCoin Platform ICO Roadmap

    01.02.2019 Completion of ICO. Start of STO PreSale

    Listing of token Custom Coin on at least three exchanges. One of the exchanges must be a decentralized exchange for ERC20 tokens based on Ethereum.Conclusion of contracts with airdrop communities and tokens popularizers in Europe and Asia .Search for large investors and venture funds. Investments in stabilization, and then in the growth of the token Custom Coin (CC) on the exchanges. Creation of advertising films about listing token on exchanges. Search for programmers to create a Stablecoin - CHFT token based on Ethereum.. Preparation for writing STO White Paper

    01.03.2019 Setting the task of the project and the definition of the platform and the crypto bank

    The first display of project documents. The beginning of the development of the platform and the declaration of the basic principles of the platform and a crypto bank based on it. Preparation of basic bots for a crypto bank, preparation of standard smart contracts that will be assigned to each user of a crypto bank. Development of a bot - Ours or stranger - for to determine smart contracts owned by a crypto bank.

    01.04.2019 Development of a centralized crypto exchange and linking it to the platform

    Development of platform compatibility with the exchange and a crypto bank. Search fiat banks interested in cooperation with our crypto bank. Listing of CHFT token on exchanges. The announcement of the principles of client tokens, equal to the CHFT token.

    Project team

    Founder in CustumCoin Platform ICO - 1
    Daniel Stojkov
    Project Manager in CustumCoin Platform ICO - 2
    Serghii Shum
    Project Manager
    Translation Specialist in CustumCoin Platform ICO - 3
    Inna Kalinska
    Translation Specialist
    Community Manager in CustumCoin Platform ICO - 4
    Julie Otabuno
    Community Manager
    Digital Marketing Specialist in CustumCoin Platform ICO - 5
    Juan Pablo Fernandez Aguero
    Digital Marketing Specialist
    Graphic Designer in CustumCoin Platform ICO - 6
    Muhammad Gulzaib Khan
    Graphic Designer
    Chief Technology Officer in CustumCoin Platform ICO - 7
    Navdeep Garg
    Chief Technology Officer
    Software Developer in CustumCoin Platform ICO - 8
    Emanuele Ferrari
    Software Developer
    Marketing in CustumCoin Platform ICO - 9
    Francesco Di Luzio


    Advisor in CustumCoin Platform ICO - 10
    Kamal Mustafa
    Adviser in CustumCoin Platform ICO - 11
    Tasos Oureilidis

    Social media

    Web-site Reddit Medium YouTube Telegram Instagram btctalk LinkedIn Twitter Facebook Steemit slack github



    User rating:

    5/5 ( 1 )

    How To get a verified Project status

    To pass the verification you need to place a our logo on the main page of your website and make an announcement of the listing in your social network accounts. Send us the email in reply with confirmation of the link placement.

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