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Employment-Coin is a Crypto Currency running on the Ethereum Blockchain. The Employment-Coin is the first of its kind to pay business owners real capital for the unit of time submitted and more!

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Project industryIT & Software
Product typeCryptocurrency
FoundedUnited States
WhitepaperEmployment Coin White Paper Open

What is Employment Coin

The TMS is a unique SaaS platform tied into the Blockchain that any business owner can license. The software platform allows employees to submit their completed task working within the TMS. By submitting their tasks the business owner will receive coins from our platform. So as the price of the coin goes up the greater the reward. The rewards are in the format of Employment Coin and can be exchanged for other fiat or digital currency.

Time and Project management software tied to the token price, giving employers the power to make payroll without borrowing capital from traditional interest Bering loans.

Crypto Bonus

The Crypto Bonus platform is very straight forward and is built to reward Professionals such as airline Pilots, Flight Attendants and commercial Drivers. These professionals will receive crypto currency aka "money" by signing up and simply doing their jobs. Our software will actively check for flight time submitted and or distance traveled and reward them with our coin.

Ready for take off, Pilots and flight attendants can receive employment coin for their flight minutes logged.


Pre-sales: Dec 01, 2020 - Dec 31, 2020
Public sales: Jan 01, 2021 - Dec 30, 2021
Token supply: 7,500,000,002 EC2
Total tokens for sale: 5,100,000,002 EC2
Soft cap: 20,000 USD
Hard cap: 50,000 USD


Blockchain Platform: Ethereum
Registration country: United States
Registration year: 2020

Token info

Ticker: EC2
Type: Cryptocurrency
Token standard: ERC20
Token price in USD: 1 EC2 = 0.18 USD
Token distribution:
Public Sale - 35%
Reserve - 33%
Application - 11%
Team - 8%
Marketing - 6%
Development - 4%

Employment Coin Roadmap

September 2020

USA Patent approved

EC2 "Employment Coin" USA Patent pending status approved

October 2020

Beta TMS Release

User Demo platform for our Time management.

November 2020

TMS Release

TMS "time management SaaS" online

December 2020

IEO Go Live TarmEX.io

CEX go live at TarmEX.io

January 2021

Crypto Bonus

Release of our Crypto Bonus platform Pilots program

February 2021

Crypto Bonus

Adoption and delivery pilots, flight attendants and more.

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