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Token sale: Oct 08, 2019 – Feb 12, 2020

Fieldcoin is developing a platform using blockchain technology to connect landowners with crowdfunding investors while enabling fast and cheaper transfers of land properties to individuals and companies.

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Project industry Commerce & Retail
Product type Platform
Founded United Kingdom

What is Fieldcoin

Fieldcoin is creating the 1st Blockchain based land marketplace

Fieldcoin Ltd's mission is to bring the blockchain technology to land property transactions and agricultural crowdfunding projects while creating a stable transaction instrument easing the process of land and agribusiness acquisition.

Hereafter, Fieldcoin Ltd will create the 1st decentralized land property management global marketplace that enables the coordination of countries blockchain-based registry systems in order to facilitate transactions between individuals. The current stage of the technological development of blockchain enables the creation and use of a currency for trading agricultural land property assets, making it possible to limit the losses in case of a long period of bearish volatility on cryptomarkets.

Fieldcoin innovative Trade-Back Token combined with Proof-of-Asset protocol is planned is such ways as to render trading in land property assets easier while limiting the effects of market pull-backs. Furthermore, the growth of digital assets adoption, combined with fast technological advancements on the blockchain as well as the agriculture sector, together with the international willingness to communicate across nations through social medias, has made it possible as we write, for land property assets to be easily and quickly exchangeable while reducing transaction costs and increasing transactions security.

Creating a cryptocurrency for exchanging land real estate properties

Using the blockchain, Fieldcoin's Ecosystem will transform land property and agriculture sectors to tackle the issues of liquidity, transaction speed, accessibility, ownership security and visibility. Already Sweden, Russia, India and Dubai are developing blockchain-based land registry system that will soon enable direct transactions on the blockchain and release Fieldcoin's Ecosystem full potential. Solving global monetary issues, Fieldcoin is the first token bound to the most stable and steadily growing asset: land. Indeed, most of the existing projects that aim to tokenize assets lack vision and method concerning the assets they are tokenizing. For there is no point to simply tokenize all assets.

Thanks to our protocol, things are pushed further than ever before in the process of liquifying land property and real estate assets. Besides the opportunity of seeing the token price grow at a fast pace, Fieldcoin token holders will have the possibility to considerably limit their token value losses in case of swings in the cryptocurrency market. In practice, token holders will be able to acquire land property with their tokens on Fieldcoin platform. The day of the transaction exchange rate of Fieldcoin tokens will apply. In the case of a market downtrend, a threshold amount will be determined by a fixed ratio applied to Fieldcoin's Ecosystem assets and recalculated every semester by an external audit agency to reflect the value of assets in Fieldcoin's Ecosystem to the amount of Fieldcoin tokens in circulation.

Fieldcoin Ltd e-commerce applications

Fieldcoin Ltd e-commerce applications Fieldcoin is composed of 3 poles of activity. First, land acquisition operated through our Ecosystem that are valorized and exchanged on our platform. Second, peer-to-peer exchanges between users of our platform. And third, a crowdfunding e-market place for users to get crowdfunded and to crowdfund agricultural projects. As a result, Fieldcoin will be used on a daily basis on our platform. This is how we aim at empowering and encouraging people to use and hold cryptocurrencies, own land, increase the value of their assets, develop infrastructures and crowdfunding of agribusinesses in a way that will benefit producers, users, agricultural communities, as well as the future of our societies.

Fieldcoin Ltd assets value will increase in time

We will implement an 80% trade back ratio of physical assets in our organization, in both land property and agribusiness infrastructure, to tokens in circulation. Minimizing costs and Ecosystem value growth while developing agricultural regions is our leitmotiv. During the first years of development, we will target European countries and our method of implementation will then enable us to work with land real estate companies all over the globe without having to build permanent structures in many countries. All revenues from our exchanges will be reallocated to Fieldcoin's Ecosystem in order to make new land acquisitions and increase its trade-back threshold. However, Fieldcoin users who crowdfunded particular projects of their choice will be rewarded on individual basis.


Pre-sales: Feb 04, 2019 - Feb 12, 2019
Public sales: Oct 08, 2019 - Feb 12, 2020
Token supply: 1000,000,000 FLC
Total tokens for sale: 600,000,000 FLC
Soft cap: 3,000,000 USD
Hard cap: 31,000,000 USD


Blockchain Platform: Ethereum
Registration country: United Kingdom
Office address: Fieldcoin Ltd.
71-75 Shelton Street Covent Garden


Bounty: 2%

Token info

Ticker: FLC
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: ERC-20
Token price in USD: 1 FLC = 0.05 USD
Accepted currencies: ETH, BTC, USD
Bonus program:
First 100M tokens : 50%
100M - 200M tokens : 40%
200M - 300M tokens : 30%
300M - 400M tokens : 20%
400M - 500M tokens : 10%
500M - 600M tokens : 0%
Token distribution:
60%% ICO
17% Token Bonus
10% Token Reserve
2% Bounty
9% Team
2% Private Sale
Funds allocation:
60% Physical Land
15% Agribusiness Development
10% IT
7% Legal Administration
6% Marketing
1% Reserve Fund
1% Social and Rural Development

Fieldcoin Roadmap

Q3 2017

Agricultural Land and Blockchain market research

Q4 2017


Q1-Q3 2018


March 2018

Project Released to the public

February 4 to 12, 2019

Pre-Sale Round 1

March 2019

Mapping of the National Land Registry of France

April 2 to May 2, 2019

Pre-sale Round 2

Q3 2019

Beta Platform Release

Q3 2019

First Tokenized Land

October 8, 2019 to Feb. 12, 2020

Field Coin Offering (FCO)

Q2 2019 - Q1 2020

Mapping of Western Europe

Q1 2020

First Agribusiness Crowdfunding

Q1 2020

Phone Apps Release

Q2 2020

Final Platform Release

Project team

Marc Couzic
Marc Couzic
Founder & CEO
Alexandre Palubniak
Alexandre Palubniak
Web Project Manager
Mamadou Konaté
Mamadou Konaté
Lawyer and PHD
Rayane Hocine
Rayane Hocine
Marketing Expert
Jani Viellard
Jani Viellard
Acquisition Manager
Jeremie Joncas
Jeremie Joncas
Chief Operating Officer
Damien de Riberolles
Damien de Riberolles
Land Expert Manager
David Marandai
David Marandai
Eastern European Ambassador
José Miguel Núñez
José Miguel Núñez
Motion Designer
Danny Montaner
Danny Montaner
Development Manager
Farhan Mustafa
Farhan Mustafa
Developer, GIS professional
William Ouellette
William Ouellette
Developer,Earth Observation,Applications Engineer
Shivam Verma
Shivam Verma
Romain Lavernhe
Romain Lavernhe
Partnership & Investor Relations Officer


Technical Expert in Fieldcoin (FLC) - 15
Ali Ayyash
Technical Expert
Agricultural Expert in Fieldcoin (FLC) - 16
Dr Hayat Ullah
Agricultural Expert
Technical Expert in Fieldcoin (FLC) - 17
David Teruzzi
Technical Expert
ICO Advisor in Fieldcoin (FLC) - 18
Joachim Lebrun
ICO Advisor
Environnemental Expert in Fieldcoin (FLC) - 19
Elizabeth Waddington
Environnemental Expert
Public Relations in Fieldcoin (FLC) - 20
Ali Yazbek
Public Relations
Consultant in Fieldcoin (FLC) - 21
E-commerce Expert

Social media

Web-site YouTube: Fieldcoin (FLC) Telegram: Fieldcoin (FLC) BTCTalk: Fieldcoin (FLC) LinkedIn: Fieldcoin (FLC) Twitter: Fieldcoin (FLC) Facebook: Fieldcoin (FLC) Slack: Fieldcoin (FLC)

User rating:

5/5 ( 1 )

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