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GPT360 serves as a comprehensive marketing assistant, providing users with valuable tools and insights to enhance their online presence and drive success in the digital world.

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Project industryMarketing & Advertising / AI & Neural Networks
Product typePlatform
WhitepaperGPT360 White Paper Open

What is GPT360

GPT360 is an innovative platform that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to revolutionize marketing and community engagement in the digital landscape. With a comprehensive suite of AI-powered features, GPT360 addresses key challenges faced by projects, marketers, investors, and online communities.

Engaging and monetizing online communities is a critical aspect of building a thriving ecosystem. GPT360's Chaterium Network incentivizes users' daily engagement and chatting activities within popular messaging platforms like Telegram and Discord. By rewarding community members with tokens, the Chaterium Network fosters a vibrant and sustainable community-driven environment.

With its AI-powered features, GPT360 empowers marketers, investors, and community owners to optimize their strategies, make informed decisions, gain valuable project insights, and foster active and rewarding community engagement. By leveraging the power of AI and blockchain technology, GPT360 transforms marketing, investment, and community engagement practices, paving the way for success in the digital era.


IDO (Binstarter Launchpad): TBA - TBA
Token supply: 500,000,000 G360


Blockchain Platform: Binance Smart Chain
Registration year: 2022

Token info

Ticker: G360
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: BEP-20
Token price in USD: 1 G360 = 0.008 USD
Token distribution:
Seed - 8.00%
Private - 12.00%
KOLs - 4.00%
Public - 4.00%
Team - 10.00%
Development - 9.00%
V1 Holders - 3.00%
Advisory - 4.00%
Marketing - 8.00%
Airdrop - 2.00%
Rewards - 12.00%
Reserve - 9.00%
Liquidity - 15.00%

GPT360 Roadmap

Q1 2022
  • Development of Chaterium Protocol begins.
Q2 2022
  • Initial tests and implementation of Chaterium Protocol in Telegram.
Q3 2022
  • Development of Discord integration starts.
Q4 2022
  • Completion of Discord integration.
  • Overall ecosystem improvements.
Q1 2023
  • Launching Testnet for Chaterium feature.
  • Increasing awareness and introducing the leaderboard.
Q2 2023
  • Onboarding online communities.
  • Establishing media partnerships.
  • Release of the leaderboard.
  • More than 1000 participants on the testnet.
  • Forming strategic partnerships.
Q3 2023
  • Development of a new roadmap.
  • GPT360 branding initiatives.
  • Conducting smart contract audits.
  • Seed and private fundraising rounds.
  • Forming strategic partnerships.
  • Initial DEX offering (IDO) and listings on centralized exchanges (CEX)
  • Introduction of staking capabilities.
Q4 2023
  • Conducting an Initial NFT Offering (INO).
  • AI Smart Contract Auditor feature implementation.
  • Ambassador program initiation.
  • Train to Earn program launch
Q1 2024
  • Launching GPT360 Ads.
  • Introduction of the AI Token Trend Indicator.
  • User subscriptions for enhanced access.
Q2 2024
  • Deployment of the AI Moderation Chatbot.
  • Introduction of the Community Owner's cabinet.
  • Extended community statistics availability.
Q3 2024
  • Creation of customized reward pools.
  • Integration with WeChat API.
Q4 2024
  • Implementation of DAO governance.
  • Introduction of an exclusive NFT collection.
  • Launch of the AI Crypto News feature.
Q1 2025
  • Implementation of the AI Project Analytics feature.
  • Development of a new roadmap to outline future milestones and goals.

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