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HeartBout is a social network with a decentralized reward system to encourage user activity, based on blockchain technology.

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Project industryBlockchain Infrastructure
Product typeApp
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Technical details

Ethereum ERC20 standard token


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What is HeartBout

HeartBout is a social network with a decentralized reward system based on blockchain technology aimed at monetizing user activity (publications, votes or comments)

HeartBout introduces its own ERC20 standard tokens, HBC tokens issued on a daily basis (200 per day). HBC tokens are functional, enabling use of the platform’s services and used as incentives for online activity. HeartBout tokens (HBC) can also be placed on an accredited exchange and subsequently exchanged for other currencies.

HeartBout social network allows authors and voters to earn income in HBC tokens. Authors of posts or comments get 65% of the HBC tokens from the total issue. The content created and published by the authors in the HeartBout social network can be rated with “hot” (like) and “cold” (dislike) hearts. Voting with “hot hearts” is rewarded by 15% of the total issue. To prevent attempts of cheating with the rating of a publication HeartBout provides a mechanism establishing a dependence between the number of used hearts and their power.

The more often the user uses the HeartBout social network, the higher the probability of them earning HBC tokens. HBC tokens can also be spent on the promotion of a publication.

Another feature offered by HeartBout is Challenges: a feature which allows a user to create a competition between other users and their content where other users will be able to vote for their favorite publication. The winner of the Challenge receives the originally placed bet and the amount of tokens bet by the opponent minus the fee of HeartBout.

Other features of the HeartBout social network include configurable news feed, creation of articles, calls, chat service, mining and the possibility to place advertising.


Public sales: Dec 14, 2017 - Jun 29, 2018
Token supply: 44197720
Hard cap: 2,803,010 USD


Bounty: 4%
Translation: 20%
Social media: 30%
Bitcoin talk signature campaign: 25%
Other: 25

Token info

Ticker: HBC
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: ERC-20
Token price in USD: 1 Token = 0.051000 USD
Accepted currencies: ETH
Token distribution:
81.5% - Token byuers
6% - Team
5% - Advisers
5% - The first investor
4% - Bounty
1.5% - Marketing
Funds allocation:
47% - Marketing
40% - Development
6.7% - Other expenses
5% - Operating expenses
1.3% - Equipment

HeartBout Roadmap


- Adjusting application design and adapting to iOS 11
- Start of blockchain designing
- The formation of technical specifications for the development of the advertising engine


- Registration
- Tape
- Search
- Create and edit categories - Profile, editing / settings - Creating a publication
- Analysis of steemit blockchain
- Development of blockchain on the basis of fork stream


- Advertising promotion design in the application
- Design of the wallet


- Streaming videos
- Creating of the final post
- Activity / Chat
- Call
- Animation and testing
- Beta version (April)
- Development of blockchain using fork steemit


- Finalizing
- Testing
- Release of the application (June)
- Development of the android version


- Launching of the advertising engine
- Release of the Android version
- Analysis of the possibility of integration of other advertising types into the application
- Formulation of the technical assignment for the development of other types of advertising - Development

Project team

Ekaterina Eroshevskaya
Ekaterina Eroshevskaya
Dmitriy Doroshchuk
Dmitriy Doroshchuk
Head of mobile development
Dmitriy Doroshchuk linkedin
Vladislav Feuerbach
Vladislav Feuerbach
Head of backend development
Vladislav Feuerbach linkedin

Social media

HeartBout web-siteHeartBout TelegramHeartBout BTCTalkHeartBout TwitterHeartBout FacebookHeartBout Github

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