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A blockchain-based distributed cloud computing platform built on Ethereum

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Project industryBig Data & Data Storage

Technical details relies on the Ethereum blockchain to coordinate the access of computing resources to distributed applications. This approach led to several innovations with respect to classical blockchain technologies: - Proof-of-Contribution consensus protocol which allow building of a consensus between the blockchain and off-chain resources; - Domain-specific blockchain means that they will adapt the blockchain to meet the requirement of distributed infrastructure management; - Development of smart contracts to enable acquisition and provisioning of computing resources and automatic post-execution payment; - Development of technology that allows distributed applications to access to off-chain computing resources on demand; - Development of technology to advertise and utilize computing resources on the market network.

What is

- Will allow on-demand, secure and low-cost access to computing infrastructures for traditional customers - Dapps will rely on to automatically search, find, provision, use, release all the computing resources they need: applications, data, and servers - Will allow rapid monetisation of existing computing resources for home users or additional monetisation for existing infrastructure providers like miners Application areas: ? Blockchain-based Cloud Computing ? Video transcoding ? Physics Simulation ? Digital signal processing (DSP) ? Physics Computation (ISDEP) ? Audio Analysis ? Optimization Algorithms


Public sales: Apr 18, 2017 - May 11, 2017
Raised: 12,000,000 USD


Registration country: France

Token info

Ticker: RLC
Token price in USD: 1 RLC = 0.178 USD
Accepted currencies: BTC
Token distribution:
● Max RLC total supply: 87.000.000 RLC ● Max RLC sold by crowdsale: 60.000.000 RLC ● Min RLC total supply: 32.520.000 RLC ● Min RLC sold by crowdsale: 15.000.000 RLC ● Founders, team and early investors: 15,000,000 RLC (Max), 12,000,000 RLC (Min) ● Founders, team and early investors: A minimum amount of 15,000,000 RLC (Min) will be created, along with a variable part corresponding to 5% of the crowdsale, capped at 18,000,000 RLC (Max). ● Bounties, R&D, developer and marketing: 6,000,000 RLC (Max), 1,700,000 RLC (Min) ● Special contingency reserve: 6,000,000 RLC (Max), 1,700,000 RLC (Min) Roadmap

Essential edition nov 2017

Proof of concept Showing off chain computations Smart contract api for triggering off-chain computations Oracle between Ethereum smart contract and the iexec distributed cloud iExec full node deployment tools iExec SDK for off-chain computation Command line tools to manage the application Explorer/Dashboard Appstore Documentation

Market network may 2018


Hybrid public/private infrastructure may 2018

Ethereum sign-on with iExec

High performance computing may 2019

Support for tensor flow

Beyond the distributed cloud may 2020

Energy positive worker

Project team

Gilles Fedak (PhD
Gilles Fedak (PhD
CEO, Co-founder
Gilles Fedak (PhD linkedin
Haiwu He (PhD)
Haiwu He (PhD)
Asia Chief Operator, Co-founder
Haiwu He (PhD) linkedin
Oleg Lodygensky (PhD)
Oleg Lodygensky (PhD)
Oleg Lodygensky (PhD) linkedin
Mircea Moca (PhD)
Mircea Moca (PhD)
Business Developer
Mircea Moca (PhD) linkedin
Julien Béranger
Julien Béranger
Head of Communications
Julien Béranger linkedin
François Branciard
François Branciard
Senior Software Engineer
François Branciard linkedin
Eduardo Alves
Eduardo Alves
UX/UI Designer
Eduardo Alves linkedin
Victor Bonhomme
Victor Bonhomme
Full Stack Engineer
Victor Bonhomme linkedin
Ishaak Leghlam
Ishaak Leghlam
Full stack developer
Ishaak Leghlam linkedin
Jorge Pires Couto
Jorge Pires Couto
Jorge Pires Couto linkedin

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