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The music currency: helping artists market, manage and monetize their creative content and rewarding audiences for their participation on the platform. NDI is the utility Token for use in the mobile and browser based indieOn App. Built on a consensus-based media platform, we incorporate a voting system which facilitates subscribed community members to vote on the music.

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Project industryArt & Music
Product typePlatform
FoundedUnited States

What is indieOn

Global economies, commerce, and financial transactions are going through a digital transformation phase supported by evolving technologies such as mobile computing, the internet, blockchain technology, and artificial intelligence. Credit card companies and established international banking structures that support much of the financial system for trade and are now being disrupted by new technologies and distributed systems. The new age of commerce demands a decentralized trustless system and the means to transfer value between participants.

Legal systems, agreements, contracts, and enforcement underpin current commercial arrangements. New technologies are emerging that automate much of this and shift the relationship from trusting centralized system bodies to trustless decentralized technology systems. It is our intention to provide a distributed, open platform for creative media artists to sell their productions in a hassle free manner without intermediary players.

This is the space indieOn will occupy for artists and businesses that create original creative content such as performing or visual media. Our focus is on a wide segment of individual and group based media creators, as well as small production houses. We define media as covering all types of creative content/work that can be streamed.

We are a digital Media Application Company, launching a distributed platform to enable frictionless trade. Using decentralized applications (Dapps) with Mobile and Web interface; we provide an easy to use interface for registering, uploading, previewing and editing creative content and media of all kinds. Our platform will lead the way for performing artists such as music and video. Other visual arts sector will also benefit in this next generation of online Media Shops where creative content can be uploaded, marketed and monetized by individual artists or groups. The same can then be purchased or rewarded (through a Virtual Tip Jar: VtJ) directly by end customers in exchange for Fiat or Crypto Currencies. We also enable the cross-selling of merchandise products from our artists and event ticket sales through the same platform. Ticket sales for all forms of performance media will create a marketing opportunity pre and post-performance revenue generation.

The overriding strategy for running our ITO is to put NDI into circulation as a currency access token for our smart contracts backed platform, indieOn App. The majority of the funds raised will be used for accelerating commercialization of the completed platform through marketing and future service enhancement activities.

The traditional media industry is heavily dependent on intermediaries at every step before the creative content of an Artist can be shared with the end consumer. This has imposed a tremendous disadvantage on Artists, relating to the speed of access to the end consumer and to the financial rewards which come from monetizing their creative content.

The proposed indieOn model is for a truly digital platform that allows for Media distribution that will remove the need for the current industry complex intermediaries and provide the following solutions:

  • Flexible Pricing and Revenue Optimization – indieOn proposes charging consumers based on usage as opposed to a fixed rate. Smart contracts based on algorithms will create transparency and dynamic pricing.
  • Blockchain enablement allows an artist to set their own price through smart contracts. In this way, indieOn will ensure specific Media gets great market traction, then the royalty rate or end-user pricing will automatically be adjusted.
  • Speedier payments and fewer intermediaries, yield greater revenue for musicians.
  • IndieOn rewards listeners who vote and promote a musician’s work. Blockchain technology allows us to foster a generation of new media business models wherein consumers are rewarded with Tokens.
  • As Artists upload, they create a persistent identity on the distributed ledger to authenticate ownership.
  • indieOn provides a more intimate experience for listeners.
  • indieOn is currently researching Virtual Reality and Holographic audience experiences.
  • NDI Tokens support and grow the business value to benefit the entire user community.
  • Details

    Pre-sales: Jul 26, 2018 - Oct 13, 2018
    Public sales: May 15, 2019 - Nov 15, 2019
    Token supply: 10,000,000,000 NDI
    Soft cap: 250,000 USD
    Hard cap: 20,000,000 USD


    Blockchain Platform: Ethereum
    Registration country: United States
    Registration year: 2017
    Office address: 212 East Marcy Street, Santa Fe, New Mexico

    Token info

    Ticker: NDI
    Type: Utility-token
    Token price in USD: 1NDI = 0.02 USD
    Accepted currencies: ETH
    Token distribution:
    63% - Sold on open Market
    25% - Partners
    6% - R&D
    4% - Advisors
    2% - Bounty

    Offices on the map

    indieOn Roadmap

    Q1 2018

    Concept building
    Technology architecture building

    Q2 2018

    Build indieOn APP
    Web & App Development
    Blockchain Architecture

    Q3 2018

    Android and IOS Applications build with strategic partners
    Legal compliance achieved for accredited investors in the US

    Q4 2018

    App Beta Launch
    Android App beta version release
    Partnership with Santa Fe Music Festival
    State of New Mexico Film Office Partnership
    Partnership with Mark Weber & NAMM

    Q1 2019

    Rewards program Merchandising & Marketing

    Q2 2019

    Content building

    Q3 2019

    Online store
    Content building

    Q4 2019

    Accelerate Exchange Listing Partnerships

    Project team

    Nigel Rudlin
    Nigel Rudlin
    Founder & CEO
    Sheryle Moon
    Sheryle Moon
    Micah Hale
    Micah Hale
    Managing Partner


    David (DJ) Alazzawi
    David (DJ) Alazzawi
    Media Research Consultant

    Social media

    indieOn web-siteindieOn RedditindieOnYouTubeindieOn TelegramindieOn LinkedInindieOn TwitterindieOn Facebook


    App storeGoogle Play

    User rating:

    5/5 ( 1 )

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