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Lava is a protocol that provides applications with scalable, private and uncensored access to accurate blockchain data. Using cryptography and token-aligned incentives, the protocol holds RPC nodes accountable for data integrity and performance quality. Node runners earn rewards for providing robust RPC service, while contributing towards decentralization.

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Project industryBlockchain Infrastructure
Product typeProtocol
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What is Lava Network

We introduce the Lava Network, a trustless market for blockchain Remote Procedure Calls (RPC). Lava facilitates relay requests to any blockchain. The market runs on an appchain built using the Cosmos Software Development Kit (SDK) and Tendermint Byzantine Fault Tolerance (BFT) consensus.

Lava exists because there are no cryptoeconomic incentives for providing access to blockchains, like the mining / validator rewards that exist for block building. It is no longer reasonable to expect each network participant to maintain their own node. Today, the most commonly used RPC endpoints are provided through trusted Node-as-a-Service or rate-limited public nodes because running a node requires expertise, is time-intensive, costly and requires an increasingly significant amount of compute resources. Growing demand for robust RPC service has led to concentrated reliance on a small group of node operators. This reintroduces a single point of failure for Web3 and requires trust in node runners to ensure data integrity, scalability, privacy, and censorship-resistance.

Token info

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Lava Network Roadmap

Decentralized access (Daccess)

Access to the Network will initially be facilitated via a gateway for testnets and Consumers with low RPC usage. Lava supports a fully decentralized alternative which will be announced closer to the mainnet.


The Network will launch with a fully DAO-governed model, once all the key components of the Protocol have been built and thoroughly tested.

Conflict Detection & Resolution

The Network currently relies on Honest Majority consensus in the case of conflict detection. Future improvements to Conflict Resolution will be implemented to reduce resource consumption and later remove the requirements for majority consensus, namely by (1) introducing a jury protocol, (2) deploying an Honest Minority protocol and (3) using cryptographic proofs.


The Protocol minimizes profiling abilities by randomly distributing Consumer relays to Providers on the Pairing List. However, despite eliminating advance knowledge of Consumer-Provider pairings, Providers can still create a fragmented image of a Consumer’s query history. Lava will later implement a mixer mechanism which completely eliminates this possibility, ensuring private pairing and communication process.

Quality of Service

In the future the Network will cluster Providers and Consumers by score across the three parameters: sync, latency, availability. E.g. if a Consumer gives a Provider a good score, they are more likely to pair with them in the future. In this way, Consumers can optimize their service across sync, latency and availability, and pair with Providers rated highly across the most relevant parameters.

Services beyond RPC

Specification support for enhanced APIs will be introduced later.

Project team

Erik Hess
Erik Hess
Chief Operating Officer
Erik Hess linkedin
Luis Lopez
Luis Lopez
Senior DevOps Engineer
Luis Lopez linkedin
Morya Gadis
Morya Gadis
Commercial Specialist
Morya Gadis linkedin

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